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Athletics, Fine Arts & Extracurriculars

Please note that while these guidelines were written specifically for athletics, we will follow these guidelines for fine arts and other extracurricular activities, as well. 
The SAC has announced plans for fans through September 13, 2020, with plans following that date still to be determined. This plan has been reviewed and approved by the Allen County Department of Health. This will apply to all schools in the conference. Please see the PDF document below for ALL of the regulations. 
  • We will move forward, beginning July 6, with extracurricular programs in accordance with IHSAA and state regulations.
  • Social distance requirements will be in place for all large scale on-campus events.
  • The use of masks for all attendees will be strongly encouraged.
PHASE 1:  July 6 - July 19
  • Students are limited to 15 hours per week on campus. The 15 hours is defined as 15 total hours of school contact activity per calendar week (no activities on Sunday).
  • Contact activity includes conditioning and event-specific activities (practices).
  • No event/sport may have more than two event-specific activity days (practices) per calendar week. Event/sport activities may not occur on consecutive calendar days.
  • Event/sport activities (practices) are limited to 3 hours per day (6 hours per calendar week).
  • Conditioning is limited to 4 days per week. Conditioning sessions may be held multiple times each day with each session limited to 2 hours. Athletes may attend only one conditioning session per day. Athletes may attend event-specific activities (practices) for more than one event/sport, but cannot exceed 15 hours total per week. 
  • Social distancing, when practical, will be encouraged.
  • Students, when not engaging in activities and when practical, will be allowed to wear a face covering. Face coverings are not required for those directly involved in an activity.
  • Coaches, medical-related staff, directors, security staff, supervisors, etc., are recommended to wear face coverings at all times unless a health risk is posed.
  • Only essential personnel (students, coaches, medical staff, related supervisors) should be in attendance.
  • Locker rooms will not be utilized. Students should report to their activity in proper gear and immediately return home after the activity. Restrooms will be available.
  • Gathering sizes will be reduced by half capacity when appropriate (weight room). 
  • All facilities will be cleaned and disinfected daily following CDC and OSHA guidelines. 
  • Appropriate clothing/shoes should be worn at all times. No sharing of clothes, shoes, towels, or water bottles will be allowed. Every student needs his/her own water bottle. There will be no shared hydration stations available (water fountains, water trough, water hose, etc.) Hand sanitizer will be plentiful and available at all sites around the Concordia complex.
  • All equipment will be cleaned after each practice. The responsibility for cleaning the equipment should fall to each coaching staff or supervisor of the program.
  • Students should shower at home and wash workout clothing immediately upon returning to their home. 
  • Free weight exercises requiring a spotter cannot be conducted.
  • No contact is allowed in contact sports.
  • No formal competition is allowed.
Phase 2:  July 20 - August 14
  • All remains the same from Phase 1 except for the following changes:
  • No limits on hours per week (dependent on sport association) for activity days or conditioning     days (Sunday is still prohibited).
  • No limits on number of activity days per week (dependent on sport association).
  • Locker rooms may now be used at 50% capacity
  • Contact is now allowed for contact sports as defined by the IHSAA
  • Free weight exercises with a spotter may now be conducted
  • Celebratory and sportsmanship acts (handshakes, etc.) should be prohibited.
  • No formal competition with the exception of girls golf. 
Phase 3:  August 15 -
  • All remains the same from Phases 1 and 2 except for the following changes:
  • 50% or greater locker room capacity for events is allowed. 50% locker room capacity should still be the goal for practices.
  • There will be no hospitality rooms. Individual water and pre-packaged snacks can be made available.
  • Competition may begin.
  • Spectators, media, and vendors can be present but social distancing guidelines should be followed.
  • Concessions may be sold if food handlers and cashiers use appropriate PPE and only prepared, pre-packaged food is available.