Back-to-School 2020 » Safety for All

Safety for All

Ensure a safe learning and working environment for students, teachers, staff, and families by promoting healthy practices and respectful behaviors. 

  • All students and employees are required to self-screen at home before coming to school.  Students and employees exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 without being otherwise explained, are prohibited from coming to school, and if they do come to school, should be sent home immediately.
  • Concordia will conduct Health Checks for students and staff in the nurse’s office if the student, parent, teacher/staff/administration member deems a check should be conducted. 
  • If a student or employee is ill with COVID-19 symptoms, the person is encouraged to be tested.
  • A student or worker who has tested positive for COVID-19 or is experiencing a new onset of multiple symptoms of concern should not attend school.
  • A student or worker who calls into the school to report an absence due to illness will be asked additional questions to inquire about COVID-19 symptoms.
  • CLHS has a separate waiting room that is designated for quarantine should a student become ill while in school and need to wait for transportation. That room will be disinfected after each use.
  • If an employee displays symptoms of COVID-19 during the school day, they will be asked to go home, self-monitor and seek guidance from their healthcare provider.
  • Persons exposed directly to someone who has been tested as positive should seek guidance from local health officials and inform the school.

Based upon recommendation of the Allen County Department of Health, Indiana State Department of Health, the Indiana Department of Education, and the CDC, all persons (students, teachers, staff, visitors, vendors, etc.) must wear facial coverings that cover both the nose and mouth when social distancing guidelines cannot be maintained. The purpose of wearing a facial covering/mask is to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, keeping the individual and others in their proximity healthier.

Students, teachers, staff, visitors, and vendors are required to bring their own facial covering/mask to Concordia on a daily basis. Consider your face covering/mask as important as bringing your cell phone, pencils, laptop/tablet, and other school materials one brings to school on a daily basis.

Masks must be worn when... 

  • Walking through an entry door of the building.
  • Going to or leaving from a classroom.
  • In the hallways/staircases during pass periods or mass transitions.
  • Getting up to move in a classroom for any reason.
  • Going to your locker and/or the restroom.
  • Standing or sitting within six feet of someone.
  • Working with a partner who is within six feet like in a lab situation or while studying the same document on a computer at the same time.
  • Walking to or entering an office.
  • Meeting with your School Counselor.
  • Visiting the Nurse or Health Clinic.
Masks may be removed when... 
  • Seated in a classroom that has appropriate distancing and instructed to do so by the teacher. There will be situations where for the safety of others in the same room/area, that facial coverings/mask will still be required.
  • Seated at a table for eating lunch that has established appropriate distancing.
  • Seated at a study table or office desk that has appropriate distancing.
Guidelines for Facial Coverings/Masks: 
  • Facial covering/masks need to reflect normal in-school dress code guidelines with the addition that a facial covering should not be disruptive to the educational environment or be visually distracting to others. Facial coverings/masks that do not reflect the Christian ethos of Concordia Lutheran High School are not allowed. This includes facial coverings and masks designs that promote drugs, alcohol, tobacco, political statements, overly graphic designs such as skull/bones, demonic imagery, or the like. The Administration reserves the right to replace masks as necessary.
  • If a student’s behavior becomes defiant towards the safety procedures, parents will be contacted and we will work with them to resolve the issue.


Classrooms will be cleaned multiple times throughout the day, and more specifically:

  • All active touch points will be cleaned after each classroom use with certified and safe disinfectant, including desk tops, chairs, classroom resources that are handled, door knobs, light switches, sink hardware, and countertops.
  • Students will clean their desk and work area before leaving the classroom.
  • All other surfaces that are not considered touch points but have been part of a contained shared space will be cleaned before the beginning of each school day.
  • Students will be encouraged to wash their hands prior to lunch.
  • Student, teacher, staff, and personnel touch points would include table tops, chairs, trash cans, handrails, counter tops, microwaves, vending machines, door knobs, light switches, and paper towel dispensers.
  • All other surfaces that are not considered touch points but have been part of a contained shared space will be cleaned before the beginning of each school day.

Hallways, Lockers, and Student Bookbag/Backpack:

**Until further notice and to reduce the frequency of students visiting their locker, students will be allowed to carry their bookbag, backpack with them.**

  • Individual student lockers should only be touched by the registered student occupant.  Students should not share lockers.
  • Lockers, carpet, light switches, door knobs and the water bottle fill stations will be cleaned before the beginning of each day.
  • Student lockers are close in proximity to each other.  This is a point of congestion.  Our 10 minute passing period times will allow for students to practice both patience and distancing while getting and leaving supplies in their personal student lockers.
Drinking Water:
  • Water fountains will not be used for drinking. Students need to provide their own water bottle and may use the bottle refill stations.
  • Water bottle fill stations will be cleaned before the beginning of each day.
  • The bubbler/fountain/drinking dispenser has been turned off on all drinking fountains.

Air Ventilation:
Windows will be open whenever possible.

Protective Barriers:
Plexiglass is being installed at reception/high interaction areas, including the Main Office reception, Athletics, Student Services, Cafeteria, Concessions, and the Principal’s Office area. 

  • Hands are to be cleaned / sanitized each time a person enters or leaves an occupied space.
  • Hands are to be cleaned before and after the consumption of food. Options include hand cleaner dispensers or hand soap located in the bathrooms.
  • Hands are to be cleaned before and after any object has passed from one person’s hands to another. 

Locations for Hand Sanitizer Stations:

  • Every door in the building that allows passage from one space to another locate hand cleaner dispensers.
  • All halls and common spaces in the building locate multiple hand cleaner dispensers.
  • All events will have hand cleaner dispensers at entry and exit points.
  • All classrooms will have hand sanitizer dispensers.
  • Social Distancing is the practice of maintaining a greater than usual physical distance (six feet or more) from other people or of avoiding direct contact with people or objects in public places during the outbreak of a contagious disease in order to minimize exposure and reduce the transmission of infection.
  • Any person moving about the building must wear a facial covering and maintain appropriate distance to avoid touching another person’s clothing, possessions, or body.
  • Any person sitting and not moving about in the building should be at an appropriate distance to prevent any transfer of germs. When unable to separate at least six feet from another person, a facial covering must be worn.
  • Staircases will be one-directional where possible.
  • Floor markings will indicate directional flow and proper distancing.
  • We will implement measures to decrease students congregating in one location, including stagger times that classes begin and end.
  • Desks/Tables/Students will be six feet apart and face the same direction when possible.

It will be important to local health officials that records are kept concerning the location of students, the rooms they occupy, who they are in close contact with (sitting next to, locker location, who they ride to school with, who they eat with) for purposes of contact tracing. A student or employee who tests positive for COVID-19 could infect others around them before they are aware of their condition. Tracing their path and potential contacts with other people is important in the prevention of further viral transmissions.  Concordia Lutheran High School students will be assigned seating charts for classes, lunch, Koinonia/Chapel, and similar scheduled events. Parents should ensure that contact information is complete and current throughout the school year to promote timely and clear communication.