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In-School and In-Person

Maximize in-school and in-person learning experiences for all students as allowable by state and local guidelines.

It is the desire for all students and teachers to engage in the spirit of fellowship and community. Both social and emotional well-being requires an environment that allows for in-person relationships to thrive through human interactions. To be able to worship, interact, serve, engage, and respect each other’s needs is best served in-person. Many changes will need to be made to allow for all students to experience this positive culture of CLHS in-person.

Three types of School Days:

Concordia Lutheran High School is planning to reopen school in August. If there is a resurgence of the COVID-19 virus that requires a closure of schools, CLHS is prepared to provide all students with online distance/remote learning. It is anticipated that the following types of school days could be used at any given time during the year.  CLHS will do what it can to help prevent the spread of viral infections from person to person. This prevention may require CLHS to implement a change in the method of instructional delivery to our students. Individual students and/or teachers may need to stay home due for health reasons and therefore may need to employ one of the following while the majority experience in-person traditional school. 

1. Traditional In-School and In-person Learning

This is the desired traditional school day where students are in attendance according to the CLHS daily schedule. Safety protocols are in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 from person to person.

2. Hybrid Instruction - Synchronous/Asynchronous Online Learning

This model will allow students who are not able to be on campus for a short period of time due to required/recommended isolation or quarantine to continue their academic program at the same pace as their peers who are on the school campus. Students who are at home will have access to classroom materials and teacher instruction. This learning plan will follow the CLHS daily schedule.

3. Remote Learning

Will be used if Concordia must close for an extended period due to COVID-19 requiring all students and teachers to remain at home. Students and teachers can actively communicate via a digital platform such as Zoom, OnCampus, and Google Suite (school email, Google Drive). Remote Learning time schedule will be used.

Following the end of Period 3 or 4, students have a 10-minute pass period before lunch begins. Students will eat lunch in their Period 5 (A,C days) or Period 6 (B, D days) classroom. A seating chart will be kept for contact tracing purposes. Students will order their lunch from the school cafeteria via Meal Magic and will have their food delivered to the assigned classroom. Students may also bring their lunch from home if they choose. All lunch garbage will be disposed into designated trash bins, which are located in the hallway. For our lunch menu and more information about our lunch program, including if your student qualifies for the free and reduced lunch program, please visit

Entry and Exit Doors:

Students may ONLY enter and exit through 3 points before and after school:

  • Main Door
  • Two doors on Cadet Drive

The door to the band hallway will not be used as an entry point.

After other co-/extra-curricular events: Exit doors are dependent upon the event location a student has organized with teachers/coaches/directors after school.

Student Drop-Off / Arrival Before School:

The school will open the main front doors at 7:00 am for students who need to arrive early in the morning before the academic day begins. Students must enter wearing a facial cover and sit at tables in the cafeteria until the academic wing opens. No other areas of the school building will be open for early arrival students. Students must wear facial covering as long as social distancing is unable to be maintained. Seating in the cafeteria is limited to no more than four individuals at any table at any time. 

Students Driving to School:

Students who drive to school will park and remain in their car until the Academic Wing opens (15 minutes before class begins). Students may enter through the main entrance or doors (6 and 7) that face Cadet Drive. Students will be instructed to go to their locker, drop off/pick up items, and go directly to their first class. Teachers will be in the classroom for student supervision.

Students Departure After School - Student Drivers:

Students will be dismissed in a staggered release manner over the PA starting at 3:10 PM to allow for as much social distancing as possible. Starting with Freshmen dismissal, Sophomores, Juniors, and finally Seniors dismissal. Students who drive to school will go directly to their car in the lot and leave immediately, so as not cause a backup in the lot. Face covering/mask will be worn when walking out of the building.

Students Pick-Up After School:

Students will be dismissed in a staggered release manner over the PA starting at 3:10 PM to allow for as much social distancing as possible. Starting with Freshmen dismissal, Sophomores, Juniors, and finally Seniors. Students will depart from the building to their waiting car in the lot or front door exit. Face covering/mask will be worn when walking out of the building.

Students Remaining At School:

Students who are not involved in co-curricular activities, Study Center activities, or are not working with a teacher, must exit the academic wing of the school building by 3:30 PM and wait in the cafeteria for their ride home. If weather permits, students may be asked to wait outside. During times of congestion (such as immediately before and after school) students will need to wear facial coverings when they are in common areas but not able to maintain social distance from others standing or walking about. Students may remove facial coverings in the cafeteria when proper social distancing is established.

Co-Curricular, Study Center, Extra-Curricular, Athletic Pick Up:

Students involved in after school co-curricular, the Study Center, extra curricular activities or athletics, will go directly to the meeting/gathering space for that particular team or extra curricular.  For those having a ride pick them up, the student should meet their ride at the designated spot appropriate for the activity’s location.  If a student drives, he/she should leave after the event/activity.  Masks should be worn while exiting the building.

JROTC Cadets Arrival Before School: 
(Also applies to all other before school meetings/gatherings)

Cadets participating in JROTC drill activities before school will report directly and immediately to the designated JROTC area upon arrival.

Year Calendar:

The major dates associated with the school year are intended to stay the same. Any changes in major dates (start of the year, end of the year, vacations, graduation, end of quarters, finals) will be due to unforeseen conditions caused by COVID-19 protocols. Additions to the calendar have not yet been determined, but it is believed that additional professional development days might be inserted into the year. These days will become Remote Learning or eLearning days for students in which they will follow a continuous learning plan from their home as established by their instructors and the curricular material of the particular day(s). Click here to see the Academic Calendar. 

Daily Schedule:   

CLHS will continue using our block-4 schedule (A-D days) to reduce frequent student movement within the school building. Concordia will not schedule E days (all 8 class periods) until safe to do so. Chapel/Koinonia will be held on C and D days with 50% of the groups meeting in each on each day, and switching events on the alternate day. Click here to see the Daily Schedule and A-D schedule for the first semester. 

Class time: 

Teachers may need to instruct from behind a face covering or shield. This could include a cloth mask or facial covering, a clear face shield, or from behind a stationary clear shield. In-person classrooms will attempt to satisfy social distance guidelines of six feet between individuals.  Being socially distant in a classroom will allow for students to remove their facial covering if the teacher allows the student to do so. Students who wish to keep their facial coverings on will be allowed to do so. Attendance will be taken for all class periods that are in session.


It is important that all students attend all classes as their schedule and health allows. Students unable to attend school in-person, or via online technology due to illness, a quarantine or isolation mandate must have their parent or guardian notify the school of their absence. Students who are healthy and able should be in-school and attend classes in-person as much as possible. Students who are quarantined, in isolation, ill, or unable to attend in-person classes should attend via online instruction during the scheduled class time. Students who are quarantined or sick will not be allowed to be in school or attend extra-curricular activities.

Passing Periods:

Students will be required to wear facial coverings while moving about the building, hallways, and staircases during passing periods, before, and after school. Students will need to practice patience while waiting to get into their own lockers. Students will be allowed to have conversational fellowship in the hallways as long as they are wearing masks and are not touching each other, not creating a traffic problem, are maintaining their personal belongings, and are not sharing items. Students will need to clean their hands when entering a new space after the passing period. Students can remove their facial coverings when seated at a table/chair, when proper distancing being applied.

If someone needs to drop off items they will park in the visitor’s space, enter through the main entrance door by ringing the doorbell and place the items on the table outside of the Main Office. Items may be sprayed with disinfectant if the school deems necessary.