Back-to-School 2020 » Continuous Mission and Learning

Continuous Mission and Learning

Care for each student’s success by providing a continuous mission and engaging curriculum when in-school or in-person learning is interrupted and conditions require either individuals or the community to stay home. 

As guided by our school’s mission, Concordia will continue to exercise the community worship as Christ’s children through weekly chapel and student/faculty/staff Koinonia activities. Exercising social distancing in all activities, 50% of our students will meet for chapel on C Days, while the other 50% are meeting in their Koinonia group. On D Days, the two groups switch, therefore providing everyone a chapel and Koinonia experience/week.

All Study Halls will follow the guidelines of a Structured Study Hall. Structured Study Hall is a smaller environment, supervised in a teacher’s classroom. This time is considered the same as any class period with the same behavioral expectations.