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Giving » Memorial Gift Donors

Memorial Gift Donors

In Memory of Edith Beckstein

Dave and Jane Bassett

Kent and Michelle Bearman

Mark Carbaugh

Karen Knepper

Roger and Luann Nash

Jeffrey and Marsha Pundt

Sandy Snyder

Barbara Stanski


In Memory of Michael Bohnke

Peggy Turner


In Memory of Marie Bright

Gint and Norma (Bradtmueller) Herzog

Judy Sheets

Sharon Varner

David and Mary Kay Zurbrugg


In Memory of Gary Dienelt

Dan and Sharon Dienelt


In Memory of Otto Fuhrman

Bill and Carol Berning

Carol (Witte) Bittner

Dave and Lorene Bowman

Steven Bruick

Ron and Kathy Bultemeier

Jim and Cheryl Bultemeyer

Marlene (Aumann) Fuhrman

Daniel and Cathy Galey

Al and Shirley Hormann

Gene and Linda Kalthoff

Donald and Beth Kitson

Melvin Lawler

Lyle and Suzanne Matthias

Roger Olson

Precision Die Technologies

Annette Ray

James and Joanne Soest

Tracy and Debra Stevens

John Whitright

Arleen Williamson

Verna Zink

Zwick & Jahn Funeral Home


In Memory of Doris Gerke

Stephen Gerke


In Memory of Phillip Gutman

Mark and Jennifer Adair

Cabel and Kathleen Antibus

Don and Beth Bieberich

Martin and Ruth Brown

Christopher James

CMS Roofing, Inc.

Fred and Suzy (Foelber) Dahling

Eric Durnell

Tim and Debra Durnell

Rod and Susan Fritcha

Dave and Raquel Geller

Constance Gregory

Froncie and Bonnie Gutman

Julie Halbig

Dave and Sandy (Arnold) Hawk

Mike and Melissa Hawk

Larry Heller

Charles and Christine Hess

Richard and Naomi Hoeppner

Kristopher and Shelley (Hawk) Kazmierczak

Dan and Melissa Kramer

Mark LeClerc

Bradrick Lepper

Craig and Wendy Linnemeier

Lou Linnemeier

Barry and Kara Mezger

Morris Mills

New Centaur, LLC

Old National Bank

John and Rolene Popp

Donald and June Rush

Brad and Helen Schuchhardt

Scott and Amanda (Keltsch) Senger

Catherine Snedeker

Jenny and C.J. Steigmeyer

Mary Stuck

Vincent Backs

Gint and Norma (Bradtmueller) Herzog


In Memory of Charles Henke

Otto and Joanne Bergman

Beverly Carnes

Leon and Dianne (Shrubsall) Giannakeff

Dean and Mary Hall

James and Nancy Hall

Heilman Agencies, Inc.

Gint and Norma (Bradtmueller) Herzog

Mark and Debbie Hesterman

Michael and Susan (Kraemer) Hicks

Kurt and Shirley Jordan

Jim and Gloria (Verweire) Nash

Robin Patton

Charles Tuschling

Steve and Eunice (Rodenbeck) Wert


In Memory of Richard Hess

Milt and Carolyn Brackmann

Nina Bruns

John and Joan Chionis

Paul and Dorothy Doenges

Frank and Cynthia Guzik

Mike and Mary Hess

Jill (Brueggeman) Nichols

Michael and Suanne (Kreiselmeyer) Roemer

Paul Sturm

Al and Carol (Schoenherr) Wick

Bill and Carol Berning


In Memory of Donald Koenig

Glen and Phyllis (Koenig) Reinking


In Memory of Edward LeBeau

Edward Lebeau


In Memory Elaine Lewis

Marilyn Auriti

Ronald and Lynda (Rehm) Bear

Mark and Beth Behning

Robert and Jeanne Dietrich

Chip and Julie Evanson

John Feighner

Dave and Rosanne Fortmeyer

Frank and Linda Gray

Martin and Diane Lewis

Les and Barb Malmloff

Bill and Dottie Renner

Brian and Beth Roe

Mary Beth Roe

Shawnee Shoals Neighborhood Association

Eva Surface

Gregory and Patricia Vollmer

Dave and Norma (Hattendorf) Wade

Bob and Elsa Wagner


In Memory Richard Monn

Vincent Backs

Byron and Shirley Crabill

Robert Henry

Vicki Hitzemann

Bill Ihssen

Duane and Carol Lupke

Garry and Linda (Meyer) Morr

Susan Smallwood


In Memory of Richard Mueller

Bob and Ramona Scheimann


In Memory of Rosalind Osmun

Donald and Gloria (Panning) Amstutz

Don and Linda (Rahdert) Knopf

Denny and Carla (Fruechtenicht) Logan


In Memory of Stanley Salomon

Paige Craig

Richard and Carolyn Sage

Caroline Schippers

Donna Walz


In Memory of Evelyn Ross

Gint and Norma (Bradtmueller) Herzog

Dan and Beth (Schust) Nieter


In Memory of Karl Schmidt

Mike and Judy Minson

Katherine Schmidt

David and Deb (Miller) Seddelmeyer


In Memory of Eileen Stuntz

Herb and Marlene (Huth) Berner


In Memory of John Sturmfels

Donna Lagemann


In Memory of Vera Uhlig

Mark and Dorothea (Werling) Herb

Ralph and Ruth (Ulmer) Herb

Erwin and Marj Mueller

Fred and Sharyl (Breininger) Paul

Marcelene Soest

Soren and Patricia Urberg

Mary Vandre

Carole Zilz

Gint and Norma (Bradtmueller) Herzog


In Memory of Richard Wick

Steven and Darlene Wick

Duane and Carol Lupke

Dan and Beth (Schust) Nieter


In Memory of David Widenhofer

Ed and Teresa Davis