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Memorial Gift Donors

In Memory of Gloria Amstutz

Vic and Carolyn (Wilson) Bobay

Millie Brost

Michael and Jane Hatton

Bob and Troy Kassing

Carolyn Kleinschmidt

Wayne and Jean Panning

Mark and Sarah Ruppert


In Memory of Thomas Essig

Gint and Norma (Bradtmueller) Herzog

Mike and Beth (Dohrmann) Wyss


In Memory of Ralph Imler

Barbara Chandler

Richard and Jean Hartman

Jerry and Judy Korte


In Memory of Kenneth Koenig

Patrick and Cindy (Reinking) Horden

Ruth Koenig

Glen and Phyllis (Koenig) Reinking


In Memory of Norma Lohman

Carol Ahrens

Peter and Sandra Barleben

Tom and Margaret ( Beltz ) Dannenfelser

Dan and Pat Heath

Terry and Darlene Leitz

Robert and Marcia Olson

Steven and Donna Rondot

Gene Scheumann


In Memory of Marceal Luepke

Phil and Jane (Liby) Borchelt

Lee and Jackie (Dent) Clark

Ginny Flora

Ruth Grimm

Heilman Agencies, Inc.

Kurt and Shirley Jordan

Richard and Gwen (Koehlinger) Knipstein

Donna Lagemann

David and Beth (Imler) Myers

Ken and Sally Schilf

Klare Stech

Deborah Treleaven

Erwin and Sharon Wichner

Carole Zilz


In Memory of Edna Panning

Dennis and Diane Airgood

Jon and Sharon Anderson

Elda Dehnbostel

Jerry and Lita Dehnbostel

Mardella Gerbers

Dick and Carol (Woerner) Maassel

Marsha Martin

Mary Meese

Richard and Elizabeth Rekeweg

Barbara Servos


In Memory of Betty Salomon

Jeff and Melissa Donnell

Carolyn (Dahling) Kroeger

St. John Lutheran Church

Donna Walz

Gerald Werling