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Matt's Rack

Matt's Rack

Matt’s Rack provides new uniform clothing to students in area Fort Wayne Lutheran schools, including Concordia Lutheran High School. All information regarding families served is kept confidential. Referrals to Matt’s Rack are made through individual school principals and admissions staff.

The program was started in 2008 by Mrs. Chris Goeglein along with a group of volunteers. Beginning in November 2014, Mrs. Luanne Erdos took over the program. Matt’s Rack aims to serve those families who have financial challenges with meeting the clothing/uniform requirements of their Lutheran schools.

“We are serving our families through Matt’s Rack,” Erdos said. “By providing clothing and uniforms that mirror what their classmates have and meeting the school’s requirements, Matt’s Rack aids in removing the financial burden and stress that envelops certain families. The start of school is a joyous occasion filled with excitement, anticipation for learning, and meeting new people and making friends. Having the appropriate clothing fulfills a need for a step in the right direction for a positive start to the school year and learning.”

Matt’s Rack works with outside organizations such as French Toast, Max’s Kid Source, Premium Imports and local merchants.