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Registration takes place every Summer at Concordia. This is a time to get your class schedule and locker number, sign up for a tuition payment plan, receive your parking pass, be able to buy an athletic pass, pick up your books for class, and more. 

Registration for 2018 takes place at the high school over TWO WEEKS from 2-7 p.m. July 30 & 31 and 1-7 p.m. August 6. There is no senior and sibling day this year.

If you have not already scheduled your classes for next year, please contact Karen Johnson at (260) 483-1102, ext. 222. 

We are offering a new schedule this year to try and accommodate everyone within a three-day span. All students must register within these three days.

If you have any issues with registering during this time, please contact the school office at (260) 483-1102 beforehand to make other arrangements.

Please complete the below forms and return them to the high school office. These forms will be available during Registration or online. Please read each description to determine if you need to complete that particular form. A checklist is available below to help you through the process. 

Don't forget that all students get their school pictures taken at Registration. Retake day will be in September. 


Please print, complete and return the forms below. 

Emergency Information – The Emergency Information form provides the school nurse with the student’s health-related information as well as outlining policy and consent information. Please include any information that will assist the School Nurse in ensuring your student has a safe and healthy school year. 

Please bring a copy of your student's immunization record if you have it as we do not always get an up-to-date one from your previous school. Please forward any updates your student may receive during their time at CLHS. Upon graduation you will receive a complete record to keep forever.

Allergic Reaction and Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan – If your student has an insect allergy or food allergy, please download and complete the form below and bring to Registration. It will enable the School Nurse to better care for your student should an emergency arise. Please know that a copy of this plan will accompany your student on field trips along with a back up emergency medication supply and that an adult on the field trip will have been trained by the School Nurse. Please ensure that your student is taking their own emergency medication on any field trip and keeping with the trained adult or having a conversation with the trained adult. 

For more information or to contact the School Nurse, please click here.

This form is required for all students.

Student Photos – School photos will again be taken at Registration. No dress code required, but students are asked to dress nicely and hats are not allowed. Pictures may be purchased at Registration with check or cash. See the form below to order online or at RegistrationThere will be a retake day during September. 
These will be your yearbook and ID photo as well as the school photos that can be purchased. All students must have their picture taken. 
Home Language Survey – The Indiana Department of Education requires a report annually to identify language minority students. This form must be completed for new freshmen and for new transfer students. Even if your student is a native English speaker, this form must be on record. 
The Home Language Survey is only required for upperclass transfer students and all freshmen. 
Freshman Retreat Permission Form: This is a time for freshman to get to know other students during the first week of school. This form is required for all freshmen. 
Student Parking Pass – If your student plans to drive to school, you will need to purchase a parking pass. Print and complete this form and turn it in at the Student Services station. 
Athletic Passes – Print and complete this form if you wish to purchase passes for CLHS home athletic events. You need to complete only one form per family. You will turn this form in at the Athletic Department station. This item may be included with all items paid for at Registration. 
Cadet Athletic Booster Club Membership Form – Print and complete this form if you wish to be a member of the Athletic Booster Club. The form is accompanied by a letter explaining what the Booster Club does and the membership levels as well as the benefits. This form will also be turned in at the Athletic Department station. This item may be included with all items paid for at Registration. 
Band Booster Form – Print and complete this form if you wish to support Concordia’s band program. This form will be turned in at the Band station. This item may be included with all items paid for at Registration.
Yearbook Orders – Order your 2019 Luminarian! The special Registration price is $60 (during the three days of Registration only). Books may be purchased at or by check or cash at Registration. Prices will go up after Registration. 
Senior/Student Ads and Business Ads – Each year we celebrate our seniors and students, friends, teams, and local community in the yearbook through our creative advertisement section. Everyone is invited to purchase an advertisement to share their love and affection toward a senior or student, the excitement of a sports team, the joy of a Concordia organization, or the business that you hold so dear.
Buy online at or see a yearbook representative at Registration. For more information, contact
School Volunteer Opportunities – There are many ways that parents, grandparents, alumni and friends can become involved at Concordia. Complete this online form to volunteer for various service opportunities around the school, from judging speech meets to processing mailings and more. You also can volunteer for our annual auction, Cadets in Cadence by filling out this form
Grandparent Information Form – We welcome the opportunity to keep grandparents involved in the Concordia experience, including participating in our annual Grandparents Day! Please complete this online form so that we can invite your Grandparents to Grandparents Days! (Please note that this is not an RSVP for Grandparents Day). 
Student Portrayal Policy – The Student Portrayal Policy form is needed in the event that any student should appear on video, photography, and/or audio recordings or in any newspaper or magazine articles, social media (such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter), brochures or marketing materials to promote our high school. The policy should be read by both student and parent. Please sign the form and return it to the marked box at Registration only if you decline the policy. To decline, the form should be signed by the student if 18 or older and by the parent/guardian if the student is younger than 18.
Lunch Program – We offer a cashless system where parents can upload money to their student's lunch account to be used for lunch purchases. Instructions are below to set up your account at Students are encouraged to have their unique fingerprint registered in the system for quick check out. This can be done at Registration. Students are not permitted to leave school during the lunch period. Students may bring their own lunch. 
The Permission Slip below must be filled out to participate in the Fingerprint system. This is only for new students. Students who have registered in the past do not need to register again. 
Tuition Bills  – Visit FACTS to set up your tuition payment plan and save time at Registration. Pay in full or set up a payment plan. Credit card payments are now available through FACTS. 
Cross Connections – As part of the Health and Wellness Initiative, the Concordia leadership has an agreement with Cross Connections, Inc. to make brief counseling services available to students during the school day. Cross Connections is a biblical counseling agency with ties to many of the churches in the Fort Wayne community. A signed permission slip (below) is needed to receive these counseling services. 
Uniforms – Families may order uniforms for students online at Orders must be put in by July 31 to have your order in time for the start of school. Used uniforms will be available for purchase at Registration only on August 6.