Cadets in Cadence Dinner Auction » Thanks to our Volunteers

Thanks to our Volunteers


We are thankful for everyone who volunteered to make this evening possible. If your name was missed, we apologize and want to THANK YOU for your help!

Rhonda Freeman

Brenda Schuller

Chandra Rang

Dakota Hitzemann

Elizabeth Gatchell

Keller Whicker

Max Park

Alexander Jones

Alexa Panning

Abigail Scheiderer

Debbie Schumm

Eric & Amy Kaschinske

Landon Kaschinske

Geof Saalfrank

Aaron Spencer

Chad Hoover

Sarah Hellinger

Darcy Lugo

Krista Koch

Crystal Castleman

Aaron Buchholz

Kim Nash

Nicole Bolinger

JROTC Cadets

Chris Murphy

Ty Bennett

Dan Grisez

Mervin & Suzette Koehlinger

Mychal Thom

Jon Schuller

Jack Bentz

Andy Morris

Kylee Heisler

Pat Frerking

Lainey Bentz

Chris Gick

JD Schuller

Olivia Schuller

Sophie Schuller

Gary Reinking

Dave Parkinson

Darren Turney

Sally Niedermeyer

Jill Park

Violet Park

Anna Pennekamp

Nathan Pennekamp

Naomi Pennekamp

Jacob Pennekamp

Sarah Pennekamp

Michael Habegger

Jack Habegger

Susan Habegger

Bill Habegger

Diana Habegger

Sharon Thompson

Kennedy Trice

Matthew Leighty

Russ Jehl

Charlie McLain

Taylor Burford

Tim Durnell

Special Thanks


We are grateful for all of the donors who supported the auction with donations, time support and prayers. We are especially thankful to our Auction Chairs and our Auction Committee who worked tirelessly to put this event together!


2020 Cadets in Cadence Dinner Auction Chairs

Rob & Jenny Hayworth

Pat & Jenny Scheiderer


2020 Cadets in Cadence Dinner Auction Committee

Mogan David, Cathy Waggoner, and Julia Saalfrank


2020 Cadets in Cadence Dinner Auction Staff Members

Dawn Schuller, John Schoedel, Wendy Bentz, Jenny Grisez, Greg Rehberg,
and Ashley Wiehe

Student Entertainment - Chamber Singers


We hope that you enjoy the entertainment this evening brought to you by our students and directed by Tavis Schlicker.


Shelby Schlicker

Alexis Rios

Alli McQueen

Mallory Hockemeyer

Kaylee Frerking

Hollie Johnson

Maddie Tom

Lydia Moser

Reganne Ackmann

Morgan Rohde

Jackson McKinney

Austin Rohde

Nathan Pennekamp

Michael Habeggar

Nathan Zeckzer

Isaac Marks

Caleb Goodwin

Ryan Snider

Jordan Meier

Matthew Scholz