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I have always been a believer of “if you can’t choose one, do them all.” To that end, I am the technology coordinator and computer science teacher at Concordia and computer science instructor at Purdue University Fort Wayne. With a lifetime of experience in programming and tech work and a zeal for developing new talent in the CS field I embraced positions that satisfy both interests!

As technology coordinator I am 1 part developer, 1 part implementor, 2 parts problem solver, and 3 parts “did you try restarting it?” I have been keeping Concordia humming along since 2011 working with 1:1 BYOD implementation, security camera/fab installation, server virtualization, network administration, VoIP maintenance, and of course, replacing toner cartridges.

As satisfying as tech coordinator is it leaves something to be desired in terms of instruction and that is why I also teach computer science here and across the street at PFW. Building robots, submerging PC’s in mineral oil, and programming Pinkie Pie to stay in her world are just a few examples of the fun I have instructing. Developing curriculum, projects, and programs to inspire students to be just like me is not only narcissistic but helpful to students choosing a career path in computer science and the technology field as a whole – a true win, win, win.

Because I am in the unique position of having administrative access to technology and a limitless supply of student labor that literally works for a letter; the marriage of technology and education works very well for me. Facing real-world problems on a daily basis, I get to share, sometimes enlist, and on the rarest of occasions even learn from students as I make them part of the solution.