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FAQs about the new schedule

Why change the schedule?

We are looking for more opportunities to enhance the student’s learning experience at Concordia. This new schedule will allow for more student learning opportunities, integrate more theology classes into the schedule, and give students a chance to get more help from their teachers.

Is the schedule a Monday through Friday schedule?

What is shown here is an A through E scheduling meaning that a Monday may be an A schedule, but it could be a C schedule on a different week. We will post the entire first semester schedule on OnCampus and will give students and parents notice if schedules are changing for that day.

Why increase the length of class periods?

What the research shows is how the brain learns, and teaching with the brain in mind just takes longer than what the traditional class length allows.

How will my student know which class to attend on which day?

In talking to numerous other schools about this schedule, students adapt very quickly, but we will have a transition time at the start of the school year to make sure that everyone is getting the hang of it.

Do students still come in late on Thursdays?

In this new schedule, our late day will be an A day. In order to provide more professional learning community time for our teachers, an A day will start at 9 a.m. for students. B, C, D, and E days will start at 8 a.m. All days finish at 3:10 p.m.

Can students come before 9 a.m. on A days? 

Certainly! Our building is open by at least 7 a.m. each morning so students our welcome to come in early to study, work on homework, participate in activities, etc. 

How will students be supervised?

It is important to note that safety and security of students, staff and the community remain critical to us at CLHS. It is also important to note that students will be appropriately supervised. However, during some of these times students will have less direct supervision than at other times. We believe that in general, our students make good decisions on how to use their time and are able to choose appropriate behaviors.

How will lunch work?

Students will be served from multiple locations on campus. We continue to work with Creative Dining Solutions to solve the logistics. Also, we will be enhancing several areas in new places on campus to allow for more seating areas and options for students for lunch. Also, during lunch there will be more flexibility in the spaces that students can be on campus such as the main hallway, Student Lounge, Instructional Media Center (library), Cafeteria, and Auditorium Lobby.

Will students be able to leave campus for lunch?

No, students will not be allowed to leave campus for lunch. Students will be encouraged to visit teachers during office hours, participate in clubs and activities, or have time to work on assignments.

Will new classes be offered to fill the bigger, 8-carrier schedule?

A variety of new electives across the breadth of the curriculum have been and are being developed to address students who need extra classes in the schedules. Some are already listed online here

How are the teachers developing pedagogical versatility to teach longer class periods?

We are currently working with a consultant group, Independent School Management, to create new lesson plans with our teachers. Teachers will be going through a specific professional development program starting in March and continuing for the next several years. Other consultants will be brought in to address specific needs and concerns as we develop the program.

Can I still do an internship in this new schedule?

Yes! Internships are still a big part of the experience at Concordia. Our internship coordinator, Mrs. Luanne Erdos, will be working with seniors individually to make sure that their internships fit into their schedules.