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FAQs - Daily Schedule 2018-19

Why does Concordia use a Modified Block schedule?

This will be Concordia’s second year of utilizing a modified block schedule, which has increased and enhanced the student’s learning experience at Concordia. This schedule has allowed for more student learning opportunities with eight course periods offered per semester, integrating additional theology classes into the schedule, and giving students a chance to receive help from their teachers during the school day.

Is the schedule a Monday through Friday schedule?

Schools days are labeled A through E which identify class and event times for that specific day. Usually, A Days fall on the first day of the school week, but not always. Chapel meets on C Days. Koinonia groups meet on D Days.

How will my student know which class to attend on which day?

The daily schedule is posted in OnCampus for both students and parents to view. Students may also view the daily schedule via Google Calendar using their school based Google account. Students and parents are notified if/when schedules change for special events. Parents, please contact the School Office if you need login help to OnCampus.

Late start on A Days

Faculty and Staff hold their professional meetings before school on A Days. In order to provide more professional learning community time for our teachers, an A Day will start at 8:40 a.m. for students. B, C, D, and E days will start at 8:00 a.m. All days finish at 3:10 p.m.

Can students come before 8:40 a.m. on A days?

Certainly! Our building is open by 7 a.m. each morning so students are welcome to come in early to study, work on homework, and participate in scheduled activities.

B Days start at 8:00 AM

Students are required to be at school on B Days at 8:00 AM to participate in clubs, activities, or other school sponsored groups. Students not engaged in a club activity may use this time to meet with available Teachers for additional academic help. The formal academic portion of the day begins at 8:40 AM with announcements and Period 2 classes.

When do Clubs and Activities meet?

Student Clubs and Activities will meet on B Days at 8:00 AM and/or during the lunch period on any day. We encourage students to be involved in multiple clubs and activities at Concordia to enhance their student experience.

How will students be supervised?

It is important to note that safety and security of students, staff and the community remain critical to us at CLHS. It is also important to note that students will be appropriately supervised. However, during some of these times students will have less direct supervision than at other times. We believe that in general, our students make good decisions on how to use their time and are able to choose appropriate behaviors.

What are Office Hours?

During Office Hours teachers may be tutoring students, holding a study session, or sponsoring a student club/activity in their classroom. Teachers will post in their classroom when they are holding office hours.

What is Focus Time on D days?

Focus Time is a study hall time period of 20 minutes in which students are assigned to a specific teacher and location, usually associated with their Koinonia group, for a time of study and work.

How will lunch work?

Students may go to the cafeteria to purchase lunch from our caterer, Creative Dining Solutions, or bring a sack lunch from home. Students may eat their lunch in one of the following spaces on campus: Cafeteria, the main hallway, Student Lounge, and Auditorium Lobby. Students are not allowed to order a food delivery to the school as a lunch option.

Will students be able to leave campus for lunch?

No, students will not be allowed to leave campus for lunch. Students will be encouraged to visit teachers during office hours, participate in clubs and activities, or have time to work on assignments.

Can I still do an internship in this new schedule?

Yes! Internships are still a big part of the experience at Concordia. Our internship coordinator, Mrs. Luanne Erdos, will be working with seniors individually to make sure that their internships fit into their schedules.