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Discovery Process » Discovery Process

Discovery Process

Discovery Process

During the 2015-16 school year, the Optimum Enrollment Committee was charged with the responsibility of investigating the enrollment of CLHS and develop recommendation of a target enrollment figure for CLHS in the next 10-15 years. That number is 1,050 students. With that, the Space and Site committee was formed to research and to develop possible options with respect to the long-range planning of CLHS. 

Overall, the committee looked at three general options:

1. Remodeling the current facility 

2. Reconfiguring the current facility on the current location

3. Relocating 

Click here to see the most Frequently Asked Questions about the process.

As this process moves forward, more information will be made available. 

"The first step of our Discovery Process has been completed by the Case Subcommittee, and a recommendation was presented to the Discovery Committee, Concordia Educational Association Board and Association Congregation Delegates. The committee’s conclusion was to continue Christ-centered education at our current location which has been affirmed and accepted. We are excited to now move on to the next steps in our Discovery Process which require the formation of two additional committees. One of those committees is the Program Committee which will focus on the enhancement of both existing and new programs we offer students. The second is the Financial Impact Committee which will focus on what funds might be required to improve/upgrade our existing facilities in order to provide our students with an even better 21st century educational environment. We remain encouraged by and thankful for the efforts of the many folks that have been involved to this point, and we look forward to where God is leading us into the future!" (June 2018 update)

- Mark Webb, Concordia Lutheran High School Board President