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Discovery Process FAQs


Who will make the final decision?
The final decision of whether CLHS will move to a new location rests with the Delegate Assembly.  This is in line with our Constitution and Bylaws, giving the Delegate Assembly the responsibility of buying or selling land, and approving the overall budget for the school operations.

Is the land donation driving the decision?
There are multiple factors driving this process.  First and foremost is the desire to improve our aging facilities.  In order to continue to pursue Christ-centered educational excellence, it is our belief that we need to pay attention to upgrading the facilities we currently have.  In addition, we also desire to grow enrollment as a school (optimum enrollment goal of 1,050 students) See PDF below.  Not only will this allow us to continue to strengthen our current programs and provide further financial stability for them, it would also allow us to add more programs that would be relevant and beneficial for our students.  Finally, it is important to note that these factors were being considered BEFORE the option was presented to us of a potential land donation (55 acres on the corner of Union Chapel Road and Diebold Road, across from Parkview North Hospital).  Therefore, the donation of the land is not the driving force, however, it does give us a solid reason to pursue some goals that were already laid out.
What other options were discussed?
The Board of Directors was presented with other options that could meet some of the goals that CLHS has for its future.  These options included doing some bare minimum repairs and upgrades to the building, as well as improvement of the physical plant on our current location in a more major way.  As all of these options were considered, the Board voted to pursue this option of potential relocation and for the time being, put the bulk of our energies toward discovering if this option would help us fulfill our future goals or not.

What considerations would be made for transportation?
Knowing that a relocation could affect the accessibility of the school to some families, options for beginning a bus service at strategic locations throughout Fort Wayne is an option that has been discussed.  The goal would be to minimize any negative effects a move would have, and maintain a high level of accessibility for those families seeking to make CLHS their educational choice.

What are our fundraising plans for a capital campaign?
Certainly a multi-faceted fundraising plan would need to be in order to make a project like this happen, and it would take time.  Seeking to partner with those closest to the organization would be the first step, but then branching out to alumni and friends of CLHS in a larger circle would be pertinent as well.  These could include seeking partnerships with local businesses, and regional and/or national organizations as those opportunities arise.  We also would look at educational foundations that support schools looking to enhance the educational model in a significant way to best prepare students for our ever changing world.

What would be the impact on the North Anthony neighborhood and community?
This is a difficult question to answer as there are many facets to the community.  CLHS has long been a great neighbor along the North Anthony Corridor, so it is likely that our school would be missed in the area.  However, the ultimate goal is to seek to do our mission the very best we possibly can, and part of the discovery process is to determine where that ultimately is.

Are there any stipulations associated with receiving the land donation?
CLHS would receive this land donation assuming we build a new school and associated facilities on it.  If we choose not to build on this land, the donor will retain ownership.  Other stipulations associated with the land donation are simply that we provide an excellent educational environment that is accessible to many families, and most importantly, teaches students about Jesus.  Knowing that we strive to do these things each day, the donation does not go against anything in which we already believe.  There are no suggestions to changing the name or mission of the school.

How long will the land donation be available to us?
The donor that has offered the land knows of and is comfortable with our timetable (the goal being to have a decision made by the end of 2018).

If we move, what would be the plans for the current building and athletic fields?
Although a definite answer is hard to give here, there are many possibilities.  Some work has been done with local professionals to give a potential value to the current land and facility, as well as potential uses.  Certainly a school would make sense, and the facility could be a good resource for our local Lutheran schools.  Another option presented could be an assisted living/retirement center.

How will the Discovery process work? Who will be involved?
The Discovery process will make use of a Steering team, and four sub-committees.  Click here for a description of the Discovery Committee, its structure and goals. See Discovery Committee Outline PDF below.
What is the best way to communicate questions/comments throughout the Discovery process?
Contacting the delegate representative of your congregation is a great first step to getting further information. 
For any other questions, please Contact Us