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March Madness Bracket Challenge

For this year's Cadet Day of Caring, we are issuing a challenge and what better way to do it than with a March Madness Bracket Challenge! 
Our Challenge kicks off on March 15, 2023 and ends at midnight on March 28, 2023. All gifts will support the Cadet Fund during this school year, and this is your chance to give to a project that you are most passionate about.
Each week will be a different part of the challenge (Elite Eight, Final Four, and the Championship). Individual donations are how your project "wins" (because we know everyone wins!!). Donors may give each round for a vote (but votes only count ONCE per round). 
The March Madness Champion will receive an additional $1,000 toward their project. It's a great way to show extra support to the area that you care most about! This $1,000 donation is made possible by Concordia University-Ann Arbor
Click here to see the projects that your gifts can support. 

Challenge Rules

  • Competition is based on participation, not dollar amount. Donors may give each round for a vote. 
  • Your donations will go to support projects this school year (2022-23). 
  • The "Elite Eight" challengers all support the Cadet Fund.
  • Your gift will support your area of choosing no matter what. The March Madness Champion will receive an extra $1,000 from our generous donor, Concordia University-Ann Arbor
  • Your donation only counts once each round. 
  • You may still give to areas even after they are "knocked out" of the bracket. They will not be eligible for the extra $1,000 once they are out of the bracket. 

Challenge Timeline

March 15, 2023: March Madness Challenge Kicks Off
March 24, 2023: Final Four Begins
March 27, 2023: Championship Round
Midnight on March 28, 2023: Last chance to give
March 29, 2023: Champion Announced
Updated - March 27, 2023
Updated - March 28, 2023