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Putting the 'mental' in physical education

Last spring, Pam Rusher, Mark Koehlinger, and I worked together to create a fitness unit for our Physical Education classes. Many fitness units involve students doing exercises, but not really understanding why they are doing them or how to recreate them at home. Our goal was develop an educational experience that would allow students to research and create — not just “Do.”
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The Gift of Gratitude

One of my very favorite things to do is READ!! When asked what my favorite season is my first response is fall because of the beauty we get to see unfold around us — and the cool temperatures. But, I think summer is quickly catching up, and that is not because of the hot temperatures. Selfishly, summer is the time when we have no school, which means no homework, no bedtimes, and no sports practices to get to for the kids. This, in turn, gives me more time to do what I love … read!!
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Training to create new opportunities for students

This past summer, I spent time broadening my horizons through participation in the “Work Based Learning-Counselors in Industry” internship through the Indiana Department of Education. This internship project was an exciting opportunity to gain valuable industry knowledge that can be passed along to students.
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Watching your salt intake

Do you ever have one of those “my fingers are puffy, my shoes feel tight, and I have bags under my eyes” kinds of days? Sodium, rather too much sodium may be the culprit. Sodium affects not just our appearance, but also our heart health. This excess fluid can cause our hearts to overwork.
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Concordia news and event updates

This month we celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, and in doing so, we look back with thanksgiving, and look forward with hope and promise that God is with us and that His word in scripture, holds truth and instruction for our lives.
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United in Service

This year’s Service Day was Friday, October 6. For over 20 years CLHS students and staff have gone out into the community for a day of service. My oldest memory of this event takes me back to mulching at an assisted living home and spending some time with residents. I cannot recall how the work site was decided; what I do remember is going out as a school in “homerooms” of anywhere from 15-30 students.
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While Thine Ordered Seasons Run

On Friday, I was privileged to attend the worship service that was part of the Indiana Lutheran Teacher’s Conference. Wow! I felt like I had a taste of heaven during the singing of the hymns. The participants sang with joy and gusto while the instruments and the A Cappella choir added to the jubilance. There were chills for me. One of the hymns was “Thy Strong Word.”
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