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How’s the School Year Going?

So the question most often asked this time of year to anyone associated with formal schooling is “How is the school year going?” Certainly, I’ve been asked variations of that question many times over the last two weeks.
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Students prepare for homestay exchange with Madrid, Spain

Concordia Lutheran High School is launching a new foreign exchange program for the 2017/2018 school year to provide additional opportunities for students to develop a global perspective on their education. The CLHS/Madrid Homestay Exchange is in partnership with the Colegio Fuente de la Reyna, located in Madrid, Spain.
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So Short

The question we need to ask ourselves is: Have we lived our lives for Jesus? Have we tried to learn more about Him and grow in that relationship? And have we tried our best to instill that knowledge of His love for us in our children, and students, and the others God brings into our lives? Of course we all fall short in this, but have we tried to use the years God has given us to share that Gospel message of Jesus’ love for us and to live for Him?
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New School Year Reminders

Welcome to a new school year and in approximately 220 cases — Welcome to high school! A new school year is always exciting — new uniform shirts, new shoes, new friends and re-connecting with old friends … but sometimes we get hurt in sports practice, overheated in marching band, have anxiety, get headaches, a bad day for our asthma or allergies or some days we just do not feel great!
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A look into what we did this summer...

School is nearly back in session, and the teachers are getting ready for the new year. So, we decided to ask our teachers and staff: What did you do this summer? Here is a little look into their lives — outside the classroom.
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