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Trivia Night

Register for Trivia Night!trivia

Date: Friday, October 6th @ 7 pm (Doors open at 6:30 pm)

Description: Get ready to have a blast at our CLHS Trivia Night. The format is a team of 8 people per table (planned group, but we will mix and match those that do not have an organized group). There will be 10 categories with 10 questions per category. Please complete this form and bring a silent auction item ($50+ value) per couple or a $50 cash donation per couple. Our goal is to collect as many great items for our Cadets in Cadence Blue Christmas Dinner Auction as possible and have a lot of fun! Adults only. Snacks, beer, and wine are provided. Prizes for the best-themed table and for the first-place team! 

Please complete this donation form for your item to speed up registration that night. 

You can come up with a donation item or basket yourself or purchase one on our Auction Amazon Wish List: https://www.clhscadets.com/apps/pages/auction/amazon-wish-list

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