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One-to-One Technology and Device Set Up

MacBook or iPad

The CLHS One-to-One Technology program (one device for one student) brings the newest learning resources directly to our students. As we enhance our curriculum with any time, anywhere access to a variety of digital resources, learning will become more real and relevant while, at the same time, more experiential. As active participants in their own education, students gain a better understanding of subjects through tactile, visual, and auditory learning.

Every student at Concordia is required to have an internet-ready device on the first day of class. Through onsite management tools the high school provides access to high-speed internet and a variety of apps required for courses. Concordia provides training for any student who would like to have it. 

Registering Your Device From Home:
Registering your device from home is really easy:

STEP 1 - Choosing A Device

Get help choosing the device that is right for you

STEP 2 - Setting Up Your Device

Now that you have a device get it ready for use at Concordia

STEP 3 - Setting Up Your Concordia Email

Now that your device is ready get connected to your school email

STEP 4 - Change Your Email Password

Change your default email password to something only you know

STEP 5 - Sign In to FACTS

Sign In to FACTS to view your class schedule, grades and so much more

STEP 6 - Log In to Google Classroom

Log In to Google Classroom to access material for the classes you are taking

STEP 7 - Apps & More

Just a few Apps and bookmarks here and you're ready to roll

Other Stuff

iPad Repair and Restrictions

Apple ID Help



Scott Storm (260) 483-1102, ext. 214 or [email protected]

How will I use my Device?

Students use their devices in every class at Concordia: For homework, for experiments, for recordings and so much more.

Here are a few examples:

  • Recording Audio and Video Viewing Tutorial
  • Videos Identifying Plant Species
  • Interactive Learning Games
  • As a Textbook
  • As a Metronome and Tuner
  • MathXL Software Submitting
  • Assignments through Moodle