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Purposeful — Intentional

But just because I am being “purposeful” doesn’t mean that I don’t fall short. We all sin and fall short. The question that lingers is do we “purposefully” and intentionally seek God in each and every facet of our lives? Do we “purposefully” and intentionally obey God? God created us in His image that we should do good works and glorify Him. This Advent and Christmas Season, may we all live intentionally and “purposefully,” thinking about God at each and every place in our life.

The importance of dinner as a family

Having dinner with your family! Yes, studies just released by Cornell University show that the power of close/intimate relationships — the kind formed by consistently eating meals together as a family has a direct relationship to increased SAT scores. Talking with family members over a meal also raised scores on other standardized testing as well!

Enroll in the weight lifting class. It’s a strong foundation, for a lifetime!

Out of the 13 young men selected to play on the varsity squad this year, nine of the varsity players made the decision back in August to build a foundation of greater physical strength by taking the weight lifting class, (Jaden Parnin, Jadon Dance, Jeren Kindig, Cade Motter, Landen Jordan, Kamari Anderson-Drew and Will Kammeyer) or lift weights after school, (Brayden Pearson and Christian Schmidt).

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