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21st Century Education » Student Schedule for 2017-18

Student Schedule for 2017-18

Student Schedule

Exciting changes are on the horizon for Concordia! Over the past three years, we have been developing a new schedule structure to improve our academic and community goals — ultimately create a better learning environment for students.

Above you will see the breakdown of the A-E schedule. Each day is assigned a letter, and that is the schedule for the day. Click here to see the rotation for the Fall 2017 semester. Click here to see the Spring 2018 semester. These will be updated within 24 hours of a change. A-E does not always mean Monday through Friday. Please check OnCampus for your schedule. 


  • More Theology Classes: More opportunities to learn about their faith, and their Lord Jesus Christ through direct instruction
  • Less frantic school day
  • Eliminate “split” classes where students eat lunch in the middle of the period and then return to class.
  • Remove summer school requirements for students who choose a two 4-year elective tracks (Band/Choir, Band/JROTC, etc)
  • Allow for more academic choices
  • Longer class periods for more dedicated study and experiential learning
  • Allow for students to get the help they may need from their teachers during the regular school day


  • More opportunities to get involved in co-curricular pursuits
  • Build for future flexibility of schedule
  • Allow for appropriate breaks within the school day

We are working to address the above goals with the following schedule shifts:


Concordia has operated a 7-carrier schedule for a great number of years. That is, students get the opportunity to schedule 7 classes per semester, 14 total (credits) per year.

With a move to an 8-carrier schedule students can schedule 8 classes per semester, 16 total (credits) per year.

This allows for 3 of our goals to be met:

  • We strongly believe that students deserve 8 full semesters of theology instruction. These courses will be both knowledge/wisdom based as well as addressing the important relational/interpersonal parts of faith.
  • Students who take multiple electives and/or are aiming for the Academic Honors Diploma will no longer need to take summer classes to fit everything in.
  • An 8-carrier schedule allows for students to pursue a greater variety of academic options. With a move to an 8-carrier schedule we are also changing our daily timetable. See the attached schedule.


In this new schedule, students will be given an hour-long block for the entire community to eat lunch — more of a business person lunch model. This eliminates the need for split classes, which have been a major problem from an academic standpoint because the lesson is artificially interrupted and time is lost transitioning back to the lesson after lunch. The inclusion of an hour block eliminates this problem.

Also during this extended lunch period, teachers will be providing office hours for students to get the extra help they may need. Depending on need, some students may be required to attend office hours from time to time.

We are currently working with our lunch provider, as well as setting up new lunch locations around the building, to accommodate all students during the hour block.


Research shows that breaks and downtime are important practices for students. As we constructed our new schedule, we addressed this in multiple ways. First, no student will attend more than two consecutive classes without at least a 10-minute break. Second, students who meet specific guidelines and have study hall in their day will be allowed “collaborative” time. There will be places in which they are allowed to study quietly, study in groups, get a cup of coffee or other beverages or snacks, play a game, hang out, unplug, etc, and generally have more control over their own time. Finally, the flexibility within the extended lunch period will allow for multiple ways to recharge the brain.

In addition to these dedicated break times we are also considering the idea of “Community Time.” There are many clubs and activities available to students, but they don’t always have the time to participate in all of the groups in which they are interested. The “Community Time” would afford an opportunity for those students to meet without the need to come to school early or stay late. This would allow for a much more robust and thriving club and activity community at CLHS. We are also exploring the idea of adding those community aspects into the extended hour-long lunch time.


This is an ongoing process, and we will continue to answer and address questions and concerns. We have an FAQ available where we have tried to address some of the questions that have already been asked. We will also continue to roll out different features of this schedule as we approach the 17/18 school year.

If you have questions or comments, please fill out this form As we continue to seek and to provide information for the community, this feedback will be very beneficial to the process.