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He is Risen, Alleluia!

Hello Concordia,

The prayers of our school community are with you and your family in the coming days as we journey from Palm Sunday’s parade through Jerusalem, to the events of Holy Week, culminating with Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday. God’s hope and promise of life eternal are ours through the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. With confidence we celebrate His love to us as we live in relationship with Christ and with one another. It is from Christ’s death and resurrection that Concordia Lutheran High School exists in serving and educating our community. Happy Easter. He is Risen, Alleluia!

This is also a very busy and exciting time of the school year, especially for our seniors as decision continue for “what’s next” in life after their Graduation on Sunday, June 2. Below is the short list of student events during the 4th Quarter. Senior class events are in bold.

April 14 - Senior Honors Awards (4:00 PM)

April 26 - JROTC Accreditation Inspection

April 30 - 8:00 AM - AP Student Exam Registration

May 1 - Senior Chapel

May 3 - JROTC Tournament & Awards @ CLHS Auditorium (6:30 PM)

May 6-17 - AP Exams

May 8 - Strings concert @ Concordia (7:00 PM)

May 17 - Cap & Gown Pick-up / Band concert @ PFW (7:00PM)

May 18 - Prom (8-11:00 PM)

May 19 - Senior Athletic Banquet @ Goeglein’s (6:00 PM)

May 20 - Band Banquet @ CLHS Cafeteria (6:30 PM)

May 22 - Choir concert @ PFW (7:30 PM)

May 24 - Senior trip to Cedar Point

May 25 - A Cappella Banquet @ Concordia Theological Seminary (6:00 PM)

May 27 - Memorial Day Holiday - No School. Memorial Day Parade (JROTC)

May 30 - Drama Awards Night @ CLHS Auditorium (6:30 PM)

May 28-30 - Semester 2 Exams

May 31 - Graduation Rehearsal and Senior Sendoff BBQ (12:00 PM)

June 2 - Graduation at The Embassy Theater. Seniors arrive by 12:00 PM. Ceremony at 1:00 PM.

With the excitement of graduation, college/career decisions and announcements being made, spring sports and other co-curricular events occuring at full-speed, the stress of school can build. Stress is a reality for everyone of us. Please take time and effort to help yourself with proper diet and sleep, while attending to the academics of school. Unfortunately, stress and anxiety can build beyond what our body and mind can adequately handle, especially in teens who are learning how to balance family, friends, faith, academics, and social responsibilities.

Please save this information of services available to help individuals suffering with a mental illness. Please know that our school counselors, teachers and administrators at Concordia are always available to help.

Did you know that symptoms of mental illness can often appear similar to average teen development? (from:


Withdrawing from family to spend more time with friends ==> Withdrawing from friends, family, and social activity

Wanting more privacy ==> Becoming secretive; Seems to be hiding something

Moving from childhood likes to teen pursuits ==> Losing interest in favorite activities and not replacing with other pursuits

How To Help a Friend:

  • Listen and Validate - I can see you are ....
  • Take Signals Seriously - cutting, threats, exhaustion,
  • Encourage Them to Talk to a parent, counselor, teacher/pastor
  • See Something - Say Something - to a parent, counselor, teacher/pastor
  • Pray and Be Patient

Talk with your Concordia School Counselor. Concordia Lutheran High School is blessed by the dedication and care of our four school counselors, (Mrs. Bolinger, Mr. Campbell, Ms. Nash, and Mrs. Ober). Additionally, our teachers and staff care for each student and are here listen and help! Concordia’s Sources of Strength team consists of 40 students and 12 adults who can help direct a student to help.

Cross Connections Counseling

Mrs. Jill Buhlman is on our campus twice weekly. See Student Services / Mr. Brackmann to schedule an appointment.

Text Lookup to 494949 (please add this # in your phone)

Call: 1-800-284-8439 (please add this # in your phone)

About LookUp Indiana - In 2016, The Lutheran Foundation launched LookUp, a website-based initiative designed to provide mental and behavioral health information, and reduce the stigma associated with seeking mental health help. Truly a one-stop shop for mental health resources, website users can search for providers nearest them throughout Indiana, get information on mental health topics, keep up to date on recent news and blog posts, check for upcoming trainings and events and find 24/7 help. By connecting those touched by mental and behavioral health issues with life-changing resources, Look Up serves as a statewide clearinghouse delivering community-wide hope and healing.

Cross Winds Counseling

Provider of in-home counseling, Christian Boarding School in the Dominican Republic, mission trips.

The Lutheran Foundation

The Lutheran Foundation’s vision is spiritual, mental, and physical well-being for all people. In 2013, the Foundation commissioned a comprehensive mental and behavioral health needs assessment which revealed people don’t know where to go for mental health help. LookUp is one of the Foundation’s major initiatives in response to the assessment and the vision of mental wellness for all people. This short video from The Lutheran Foundation describes the resources available on 

Go Concordia!

Patrick Frerking,