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Why I love teaching Spanish 1

I love teaching Spanish 1!
Most students come into the class with little to no knowledge of the language, so the class is new and exciting!! Well, not every day is exciting; we do some boring stuff, too.
I tell the kids that they are "starting over" and are like preschoolers, learning the alphabet, numbers, pronunciation, and sounding out words. We even have calendar time at the beginning of each class - having students volunteer to give the day of the week, the date, weather expressions, tell the time, and pray in Spanish.
It's exciting to watch them grow in the language, describing people, talking about their daily schedule and classes, and putting together sentences about favorite foods, places they go in the city, accepting and declining invitations, and talking about their family. We also discuss different countries and holidays!
While some students love the class more than others, I hope that they move on with an appreciation of the language and culture.
Darcy Lugo,
Spanish Teacher