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“Renewing the Mind . . . with Christ at the Center”

Throughout the 2019-20 school year, the CLHS community will be exploring the theme “Renewing the Mind . . . with Christ at the Center,” which is based upon Romans 12:2, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect."

I love this theme!  The text is rich with so much to unpack!  Pastor Hoham and I are going to love delving into these scriptural truths during chapel services this year.  Furthermore, this theme verse will provide great opportunities for Koinonia discussions throughout the year. While it would be difficult to unpack everything that this text and theme have to offer in one blog post, I will focus on the overall structure of the text and leave you with a few teasers of what we’ll be covering throughout the year.  

First of all, notice that the ”renewal of your mind” stands at the center of the text.  This indicates how God transforms us.  It’s not just demanding a change in our behavior, which would be a very law-based approach.  Instead, it’s a change in our thinking. It’s an alignment of our will to the will of God. We are transformed through an on-going process by which God changes our way of thinking and how we understand Him and the world around us.  This is a result of the Gospel. We want to do as God would have us do.          

The text starts with conformity to the world (which is a natural pattern for us sinful human beings follow) and ends with conformity to the will of God (which goes against our sinful nature but is quite consistent with our transformation in Christ).  God’s will and the ways of the world stand in opposition to one another. How do we conform to God’s will instead of to the world and why does it matter?  God initiates the change in us (through Christ, His Word, Baptism) and enlightens us with His truth. The standard for discerning God’s will or what is good, acceptable, and perfect is not our old way of thinking - the way of the world; rather, God determines truth and enlightens us with that truth!  Protip: As Christians we delight in that truth! 

Throughout the school year, God will speak to us through His Word.  By His Holy Spirit, He will renew our minds in Christ as we tackle the following questions:

  • Why not conform to the world?
  • How are we transformed in Christ?
  • Why do we need our minds to be renewed?  
  • What are the effects of renewal? 
  • What is the will of God?
  • What is the standard for testing and discerning His will? 
  • What is good, acceptable, and perfect?
  • Why do we need this from God?  

We are blessed to be part of this community of believers at Concordia Lutheran High School where Christ is at the center of everything.  This year’s theme is another opportunity for us to expand our understanding of what that means for us, not only in our school but in our everyday lives for all our days!  

Blessings in Christ, 

Pastor Chad Hoover