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New Beginnings

Today, another athletic season officially gets underway for all high schools in the state of Indiana.  It is an exciting time for athletes and coaches as the new season begins. All teams start fresh with a 0-0 record.  Athletes have another chance to make their marks in their respective sports, and coaches look forward to teaching their players both athletic and life skills.

At Concordia, we too are looking forward to the new athletic season and can’t help but be hopeful as we look at the many ways God has blessed the athletic department.  He has provided coaches who care for their players and provide for them a Christ-centered opportunity. He has given us facilities that, while not perfect, rank amongst the best in the country in terms of the Lutheran High School experience.  And He has given us athletes who, without fail, give their best while representing Concordia with supreme effort. For all of these things we are and remain thankful.

There is no question we hope our teams at Concordia are successful in their pursuits.  We want very much to win and work hard to do so. We take great pride in hanging sectional, regional, semi-state, and state championship pictures in our hallways.  However, that winning will always come as a secondary pursuit to who we are as a Lutheran institution. Our athletic department holds as a philosophy the following tenets:

  1. We want to strengthen our athletes faith in Jesus Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit.  Ultimately, Christ has won the victory for us. That victory pales in comparison to anything earned athletically.
  2. We want to develop Christian character that is based on the redemptive work and teachings of Jesus Christ.  We recognize that we are all sinners. Yes, we wear the cross on our jerseys. No, we aren’t perfect. Thanks be to God that He views us through Christ’s work on the cross and not our worst moments on the field.
  3. We want to instill great work habits in all of our athletes.  There is perhaps nothing in life that can teach self-discipline and work ethic better than athletics.  When done well, athletics is a powerful educator.
  4. We want to teach and stress the importance of academics.  A student-athlete is at Concordia to receive a high-quality, Christ-centered education.  While we would love it if every athlete received an athletic scholarship after their playing careers were over, the reality is that many will not.  Therefore, their work in the classroom is important.  

We look forward to seeing you at many of the athletic events during the 2019-2020 school year as the athletes and coaches share their God-given gifts with the Concordia community.