Sharing ‘Memories from Christmas Past’ at Concordia’s Auction

It’s almost that time of year. Hard to believe, but there are only 57 days until Christmas. That’s less than two months away! It’s a time when all the traditions and memories of childhood family Christmases start to emerge. And it’s the theme for this year’s Cadets in Cadence Dinner Auction on December 7 at Concordia Lutheran High School.

Memories of all the classic movies

“White Christmas,” “Miracle on 34th Street,” “A Christmas Story,” and of course, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Snuggling up and watching one or all was a start to the holiday spirit. Movies about love and support, innocent romance, snowy mountain inns, believing in miracles and angels, having faith, the importance of family, child-like anticipation, dreams coming true, and the values of basic goodness and sacrifice.

Memories of the Advent season

There was so much to do to prepare for Christmas, but it was fun, meaningful, and created life-long memories with family and friends. Lighting the Advent wreath each Sunday, shopping page by page from the Sears catalog, pulling the family decorations down from the attic, stringing up the lights in the yard with Dad, hearing the Christmas carolers outside the department stores, baking with Mom and Grandma (oh, the baking), opening the Advent calendar day by day, exchanging names for the school party, cutting down the tree, getting all dressed up for Christmas eve service, and preparing for the birth of Jesus. A season of anticipation and excitement, a season of celebration with family and friends, a season for preparation and sharing.

Memories of Christmas Day

The Savior was born, and joy was overflowing. The day just felt different than any other. Outside the traffic had stopped, the busyness of Advent was over, and there was a quiet calmness. But the house was full of energy and excitement as family all gathered around the tree to celebrate with toys and presents, wrapping paper everywhere. Then the big meal came with the Christmas tablecloth, the fancy china, and card tables added to the ends for the kids. Ham and turkey with all the trimmings, eggnog and all the confections that Mom had made. Spending the rest of the day trying to assemble the toys with Dad. A day filled with joy and celebration, a day with family, a day of love, a day when God sent his son to save the world.

All of those memories come together for this year’s Cadets in Cadence Dinner Auction through “Memories from Christmas Past.” There will be a glimpse of the classic holiday movies, beautifully decorated Christmas trees, everyone dressed in their Christmas best, strings of lights decking the halls, the tables set for the big Christmas dinner, and shopping (lots of shopping!) while we hear the choirs singing Christmas carols.

Join the festivities on December 7 to get the season started, to re-live memories from Christmas past, and create new, long-lasting memories with your Concordia family and friends.

We hope that you will join us! Tickets are now on sale at

Cathy Waggoner,
2019 Co-Auction Chair