God's creation through Anatomy and Physiology class

Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) can open students' eyes to one of the wonders of God’s marvelous creation: the human body. Meticulous, multi-stepped, well-designed processes give us an inside view of the mind of God. We can see how He crafted human life to function on a daily basis. This class can also open students’ eyes to future careers in the health care industry. On Wednesday, November 6, A&P students at Concordia Lutheran High School (CLHS) will get that very opportunity.

Caroline Fenker (CLHS Class of 2012) and other students from Huntington University’s Occupational Therapy Doctoral Program will be presenting to the juniors and seniors in A&P on the career of occupational therapy (OT) and its preparatory training at Huntington. OT’s are health care rehab and developmental specialists who focus on restoring and building tactile, fine motor skills in a wide range of patients. Often working with a team of other therapists including physical therapists and speech pathologists, OT’s look to increase the quality of life for those who have either lost or are late in developing those skills needed in everyday life.

We thank Caroline and the other Huntington University students for taking time out of their schedules to inspire and encourage what may become the next generation of health care industry workers!

Brian Loesel,
Science Teacher