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A Time of Blessings

This year my wife, Gyneth, and I celebrated our 40th Anniversary with a special renewal of vows. It was a wonderful day of celebration that included family, friends and past cadets. Touching and heartwarming. I bring this up not because I want to brag about having a special person in my life, but to brag about three other very special people. Two weeks after our vows we celebrated an even more special event, the formal adoption of our oldest grandson, Kolten Conrad.

This struggle began several years ago and finally came to fruition in a small room in the Noblesville Court house. Kolten has been part of our family for four years and with the adoption, our family was complete.

Now to tie the two together. God blessed me with a wonderful life companion when he brought Gyneth into my life. When we were married, he then blessed me with two wonderful children, Bryan and Angela. As time passed, they grew and left leaving our house empty and silent. Then God brought Kate into our lives, and with Kate came Kolten. Our house was silent no more. The sound of a child playing and having fun was missing and he made it a home once again. After Kolten came Harrison and then Oliver. Such joy when we see them, get our hugs and have them pester us for candy and iPad time, and Kolten leads them!

God has truly blessed us!

SFC(R) Alan Conrad,
JROTC Instructor