Alumni Spotlight: The Honorable Dan Heath

The Honorable Dan Heath
Class of 1971
What is your current occupation?
I retired as a full-time Judge about 2 and 1/2 years ago, but I still serve as a Senior Judge for some 30 days per year to help full-time Judges with their congested court calendars.
What was your education after Concordia?
I was awarded my Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Indiana University at Bloomington in 1975. I was awarded my Juris Doctor degree from I.U. School of Law at Indianapolis in 1984.
What did you love most about CLHS?
I enjoyed very much the camaraderie I had with my classmates and enjoy their company to this day! I also enjoyed my teachers and coaches. I couldn't have had a better high school experience, except that I should have studied harder!!
What advice would you pass along to students?
Have a plan and dream, but know that God is in control and he'll help you along the way and use your talents for the better good. So, things may not work out exactly as YOU planned, but it will still be very good!!