Lifting to improve each other

At this time in the semester the students in weight lifting classes are showing off the improvements they have developed throughout a semester of lifting weights two days per week. Male and female seniors, juniors and sophomores begin and end a semester testing the improvements they have made in the bench press, deadlift, and squat. To keep some strength developed during quarantine periods the students participate in no weight workouts.

At the time of this writing this incomplete compilation expresses some of the improvements students have achieved in this semester. Senior Matt Goeglein improved 25 pounds by benching 300 lbs. Senior Chanteese Craig improved 130 pounds by dead lifting 300 lbs. Senior Lauren Butler improved 180 pounds by deadlifting 250 lbs. Junior Jacob Correll improved 175 pounds by deadlifting 500 lbs. The Rusher brothers, senior Isaiah and sophomore James were 10 pounds shy of lifting a combined 1000 pounds in the deadlift. When James heard that Isaiah improved 80 pounds to reach 490 lbs., he couldn’t resist the opportunity to improve 90 lbs. with a 500 lb. effort. Junior Mehalet Lee improved 40 pounds by benching 135 lbs.

It feels absolutely right, appropriate and comforting to say Merry Christmas to you. I am grateful that our loving and merciful God gave us the free gift of Jesus Christ. In this time, and all times for that matter, I understand how much I need Him and celebrate His gift of everlasting love and forgiveness.

Mark Koehlinger,
Physical Education Teacher