Advent - A Time of Anticipation

Advent is a time of waiting…anticipation. This year we have been waiting for a number of things. The end of the COVID-19 pandemic and the long awaited arrival of a vaccine. The end of wearing masks or social distancing. The opportunity to be with family and friends without fear of spreading the illness.

The word “Advent” comes from the Latin word adventus, literally meaning “coming” or “arrival.” This commonly refers to the coming of Jesus on Christmas Day. But with all of our “other waiting,” are we ready for Jesus to come? Are we? Really?

Christmas Bureau has just taken place and many preparations occur for our CLHS engagement with this outreach. From our leadership team of Kyle Jane, Kelly Beverly,

Betsy Ladwig and Laura Bohnke organizing the numerous groups at school to “adopt” a family to the various classes with teachers/staff and students gathering gently used items and purchasing new for our assigned families, this ministry takes place. For weeks people bring in items such as toothpaste and soap to gently used bicycles and sports equipment to clothes never worn or perhaps too big/small now and food items. Many households are assessing things no longer needed. With the pandemic, some of our scouring and cleaning of rooms and closets has produced many of these items that no longer add value to our lives. It can feel pretty good to let go of these things and reduce the clutter. It even feels good to be able to share these items in a meaningful way.

As we free our homes of unwanted items, maybe we could unclutter our hearts and minds to be ready for Jesus to come. It feels so good to have an uncluttered garage or closet, but the prospect of opening our hearts and minds to await Jesus is glorious. Jesus is coming, this we know! Make space, be ready and give thanks to God!

Peace, Hope and Blessings to you this Advent Season!

Luanne Erdos,
Business Teacher