We Made it!

We Made it! I wonder if these words were ever uttered by Mary and Joseph as they came up on their end of their travels to Bethlehem? I wonder if the journey that they had been on was wearing them down, to the point where they were just happy to have a break! Perhaps the relief of getting to the destination was just filling up their hearts. Of course, when they found that the accommodations they would have were most likely quite different than they were hoping for, there may have been a little letdown in their spirits. However, at least they made it to their destination, and safely.

I find so many parallels to the feeling of, “We Made It!” as we enter the Christmas season, and specifically Christmas Break. The journey, going back to March of 2020, has been a long one. With many new twists and turns, seemingly all the time, collectively we have had to navigate uncharted territory (I’m not sure how many times that phrase has been used this year, but it’s a lot!). Our pursuit of our theme this year, “Excel in Grace,” has certainly been put to the test, as we serve in stressful situations. However, we made it through, and God has blessed, as He always does. The break for Christmas is a very welcome time. But, like Mary and Joseph, perhaps what is waiting for us during this time will be unlike what we were expecting, or are used to. Perhaps family get-togethers are postponed, or at the very least, limited in number. Maybe trips that we had planned have had to be reorganized or canceled altogether. That can leave a little bit of a bittersweet feeling, as we look ahead to this Christmas celebration.

And at that moment, when we might be feeling that although we’ve made it to our destination, it’s just not “the same,” but we see the very gift that never changes, Jesus! The reality is that even through all the travels, and unexpected accommodations for Mary and Joseph, it happened! “While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son,” (Luke 2:6-7). What a joy! The fact that Jesus was born changed everything for us, and brings us the hope and joy that we need each and every day. And not only did he come, he lived a perfect life, died on the cross and rose again on Easter! That gives us the assurance of being able to truly say, “We Made It,” when we enter heaven’s gates because of the salvation we have in Christ. Thanks be to God for this most precious gift!

I pray that your Christmas celebrations are joyful, and the peace and comfort that comes with the coming of our Savior instils in your heart the true warmth of the Christmas season. Merry Christmas to you and yours, and God’s blessings in the New Year!

Following His Lead,

Mychal Thom,
Head of School