Alumni Spotlight: Tiffini Grimes

Tiffini was also named one of the top athletic directors in the country! Click here to read more.
What is your current occupation?
Deputy Athletics Direct / SWA at the University of Alabama
What was your education after Concordia?
Purdue University - Bachelor's Degree; Political Science Valparaiso University - Master's Degree; Sports Administration Valparaiso University School of Law - Juris Doctorate
What did you love most about CLHS?
Being an alumna of Concordia Lutheran High School is not only an accomplishment that I wear as a badge of honor, but a furtherance of tradition in my family (both of my parents and aunts/uncles/cousins are alums as well). My time at CLHS were four of the most amazing and formative years of my life; filled with so many special memories. However, what I love the most are the relationships and friendships formed during this time. No matter where we go in the world Concordia is ALWAYS home and the relationships that you build during this time will stay with you for a LIFETIME!
What advice would you pass along to students?
Push yourself to be ELITE in ALL that you do! The tradition of excellence at CLHS is an expectation placed on every student that works through the door. This is because you have what it takes to reach this expectation and exceed it. Teacher, Lawyer, CEO, Doctor, Vice President.... there is no limit other than the limits you place on yourself! That being said, get in the habit of making your everyday performance ELITE. Live up to and exceed the CLHS tradition of excellence and I promise when hurdles arise and barriers are placed in your way, you will have all the tools you need to clear the hurdles, break the barriers and achieve your wildest dreams!