How are you serving?

Service. We often think that service has to be somewhere outside of our immediate lives and homes, but during the past 11 months, I think that we have all seen that service is definitely something we can do every day no matter where we are.

How have you seen people serve? I have watched my mom serve others from the comfort and safety of her home -- through phone calls, letters, cards -- all full of encouraging words and messages. I have seen it in my home where we have the ability to serve one another by helping with daily tasks (in sickness and in health!). I also see it when I go to the grocery store and to school, where we have the opportunity to treat those around us with respect and have a little extra patience with others.

In Galatians 5:13 Paul tells us to serve one another in love. How do we do this? In so many ways! Look to Jesus for examples. He lived his whole life here on earth serving others. Start each day asking God where he wants you to serve -- and don’t be surprised if it’s something right in front of you!

Faith Felton,
Theology Teacher