Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Tim LaCroix

What's your title at CLHS?
Faculty, German Instructor
Are you a Concordia alum or parent - current or past (and if so, please list)?
Past parent (Victoria 2010, Addisen 2012, Meghan 2014
When did you start at CLHS?
Please describe your position at CLHS.
Instructor of German and Coordinator of our GAPP Exchange (German American Partnership Program)
What was your education that led you to CLHS?
Concordia University- Chicago (CCRF), Bachelor of Arts (Music and German) Ball State University, Master of Music
What did you love most about teaching at CLHS?
When the students "get it" -- they finally make connections to the course material and can apply their knowledge and skills in new ways for authentic German communication and understanding. The "ah-hah" moments! When the lightbulb goes on in a student's head, their eyes get big, their face lights up, and their world has just been opened up to a new and deeper revelation!
What's your favorite story about your time at CLHS?
There are too many favorite stories and memories: Conducting the A Cappella Choir in Home Concerts at Kramer Chapel after months of arduous preparation; sharing moments of exquisite magical music-making with the choirs in rehearsal, and while on A Cappella tour, singing and dancing with a waitress and the A Cappella Choir in a restaurant while on tour in New York City; bull riding with the A Cappella Choir while on tour in Dallas; sharing in-depth and impromptu conversations with CLHS students while in Germany (often in the German language); watching our students as they visit the Cologne Cathedral (Germany) and hearing their bedazzled comments; traveling with our GAPP students through Berlin, Germany; hearing from former students as they pop-in for a greeting and hearing about their life's path since their high school years; participating incognito in the Senior prank and almost being caught by the Fire Marshall; being able to give awards, recognitions, and present scholarships to well-deserving students; being in the stadium when we defeated Snider at a home football game; digging deep into arts and culture with the students and fellow co-teachers of our former Humanities course (not a religion course); praying with students after an unusually tough experience; witnessing the encouragement that students give to each other at CLHS; hearing a truly superb monologue from a student in German class; witnessing the "bridge building" and friendship-making between CLHS students and the students of Lüdenscheid, Germany as part of our GAPP Exchange experience ...