Jared continues to provide comfort

Concordia Lutheran High School and Holy Cross Lutheran Church and School adopted a Comfort Dog through the Lutheran Church Charities organization in June 2019. His name is Jared. He has had nearly 2,000 hours of training to complete his mission. That mission is to utilize the relaxing nature of the Comfort Dog and bring a bit of stress relief and peace to people struggling with grief or disaster as well as rejoicing in those events that are uplifting. He also is an outreach tool to share God’s Word and pray with others.

Jared was very active all over Fort Wayne until COVID hit a year ago. The whole world slowed down for several months which meant Jared visits also slowed down. The great news is that his presence didn't stop. We had to be creative with ways to have Jared still be sharing his care and compassion to quarantined/isolated people. He was able to do “zoom” visits with some of the students at CLHS during their remote learning. He was part of videos for Kiswise at Holy Cross. He also did monthly window visits to area nursing homes. Christmas caroling with Jared to shut ins was one event we all enjoyed.

As the COVID cases have decreased and more opportunities for visits have opened up, Jared has had to get used to people wearing masks. This did not deter him from completing his mission. Jared and his team, masked of course, have returned to in person visits to churches and schools, nursing homes, funeral homes, the YMCA/Turnstone, and other uplifting events.

Jared is still a wonderful bridge to share God’s love and compassion with those we meet.

Pam Rusher,
PE & Health Teacher and Handler for Jared