Look Up More!

Theologians often pontificate on the vertical and horizontal components of the cross as a means to juxtapose justification and sanctification. Simply, the vertical beam encompasses how God relates to us and how we respond to Him. The horizontal is how we serve, interact, and relate to others.

As a choir director, it is interesting to ponder how the music classroom mirrors components of life and faith. In choir, teachers and students regularly “get stuck” zoning in on the piece of paper (dead tree) in front of them and miss the bigger picture happening all around them.  Similarly, in life, we “get stuck” focusing on the tasks, issues, dramas, and concerns of the moment while life passes us by. In the choral classroom, we’ve adopted a simple goal to combat this tendency to get stuck in our music or stuck in our daily issues: “Look Up More!” 

Look Up More! 
What does this mean? 

Literally: Look up.

Physically: Lift your eyes, head, and sternum. 

Relationally: Make eye contact. Engage with those around you. 

Mentally: Look ahead, think ahead, anticipate. 

Emotionally: Choose a positive attitude and caring spirit. Be “up” for the challenge!

Spiritually: Hope, Love, Peace, Joy have been given to you! See it! Know it! Believe it! Share it!

A choir director’s basic instruction to “look up” can take on new depth, meaning, and spiritual significance! It reminds us of the vertical and horizontal nature of faith and relationship. Look up more and see what God has done, is doing, will do! Look up more! Fellowship, share, and spread the good news! 

Tavis Schlicker,
Director of Choirs