A Lot Has Changed in 18 Years

When I got my first classroom, I think it had a TV, VCR, CD player, an overhead projector and a clunky computer. I remember when our department got a digital camera for us all to share! This school was pretty progressive with the technology! How was I going to use it all!?
Now as I look around, NONE of that is in here anymore. I have an Apple TV hooked up to a projector and screen, a MacBook pro that is slim and sleek, making at-work home much easier. I've upgraded to a DVD player, and of course, have an iPad with numerous apps that I use daily with my students. Each of them have their own device, and we don't have to sign up to take classes to the computer labs anymore.
Between OnCampus, Quizlet, YouTube, Conjuguemos, Voces, Notability, Kahoot, Zoom (I wouldn't want to be a new teacher coming into all of this!) but I'm sure that others thought the same thing with my first list of technology.
While the technology has definitely changed over the years, God's love for us has remained the same. There have been new teachers, curriculum, books, and technology, but the same God still loves all of these kids, just as He did 18 years ago when I first walked into this building. While change can be scary (but very good!), we have a constant to fall back on when the new becomes too much.
Darcy Lugo,
Spanish Teacher