JROTC: Years of Excellence

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1906-1910 – Military Dept formed at Concordia College under CPT Ivers Leonard, USA. The first cohesive battalion included four companies, a band and a signal corps.

1935 – Concordia Lutheran High School was established. Boys were required to participate in the four-year military program.

1936 – First female rifle team was organized allowing interested girls to participate in the military dept.

1941 – Corps of Cadets Officers organized their first dance. Prior to that time, dancing was prohibited by the Board of Directors. This dance still takes place today and is known as the JROTC Officers Ball.

1952 – The supervision of the military school was turned over to the high school by the College Board of Control. The four-year requirement was changed to a two-year mandatory/two-year voluntary program for all high school boys.

1972 – The first Concordia Drill Meet was organized by CPT Clendenen. This event still takes place today and is considered by many to be the premier drill meet in the region.

1973 – Women were allowed to enroll in the Corps of Cadets (JROTC).

1981 – CLHS Special Forces created.

1988 – General John Moellering JROTC Hall of Honor established. To date, 26 members have been inducted into the Hall of Honor

Honor Unit with Distinction (Gold Star) award: Our program has received this award every year but two since 1980. This is quite an achievement since it requires an inspection from the Army every three years.

1980 State Champions:

Christoph Porter

Mark Rauhut

Neal Puff

Danny Marquart

Carlton Kibellus


1981 State Champions:

David Mathieu

John Blocher

Pam Miller

Tom Anderson

Neal Puff


1982 State Champions:

Jack Daniel

Matt Pape

Neal Puff

David Mathieu

Les Ahrens


1985 State Champions:

Ted Murphy

David Helm

Dean Williams

Paul Weiss


1986 State Champions:

Dean Williams

Ted Murphy

Mike Spencer

Tony Aaron

David Anderson


1987 State Champions:

Ltc. T. Aaron

Msg. T. Landis

SSG B. Jackisch

Lt. P. Forsberg

Lt. D. Anderson


1988 State Champions:

Reiter, T. Christlieb, S. Stein


1989 State Champions:



1995 State Champions:

Luke Shank

Phil Petzold

Douglas Willig

Ryan Langeland

Zachary Hopkins

Justin Mack

Kyle Kerley

Andy Burkett

Aaron Wentland

Mike Hanz

Matt Hitzeman

Ben Haupt

Marshall Sutterlin

Chris Cheung


1998 State Champions:

Robin Goodwin

Luke Shank

Joe Miller

Melissa Mincoff

Jim Weimer