How I'm spending my summer

Summer 2021... Where will you find me and what will I be doing? I have no big plans, just a lot of reading, hopefully, on a beach with sand between my toes, but if not, at least on my porch enjoying the sun!
I usually try to read several books every summer (well, at least 3). One to improve professionally, one to improve spiritually, and one for fun. 
I have been looking up books I would like to spend my summer reading -- books that are interesting and fresh.
For fun, the book I have chosen is "The Five Wishes of Mr. Murray Mcbride" by Joe Siple. I chose it because my father, (almost 88) has moved in with me, and I thought it might give me some insight into how he is feeling. If it is good, I may get the second book in the series, "The Final Wish of Mr. Murray Mcbride." I may not, though, because it sounds like a book that may make me cry and that's not much fun!
For professional growth, I'm planning on reading "Fires in the Mind" by Kathleen Cushman. This is written through the voices of adolescents about motivation and mastery in relation to their learning. I think this could prove very useful next school year. 
As I write this, I haven't yet picked my third book, but I plan on doing so soon.
I do hope everyone in our Cadet family finds a good book to get lost in this summer!
Lisa Sherrod, 
Director of the Study Center