Faculty Spotlight: Mrs. Katie Underwood

What's your title at CLHS?
Art Teacher
When do you start at CLHS?
July 2021
Please describe your position at CLHS.
I am the newest addition at CLHS. I am the art teacher and teach 2-D, 3-D, Ceramics, Drawing, Painting and AP Art! I am excited to be teaching all of these classes and cannot wait to see all of the wonderful works of art that come out of the student body.
What was your education that led you to CLHS?
I just graduated in May 2021 from Purdue University here in Fort Wayne. Prior to that, I worked at Parkview Hospital for 10 years with my Associate Degree in Office Administration with a Medical Specialty. I am a Fort Wayne native and have no plans on leaving!
What do you look forward to most about teaching at CLHS?
I think the thing I am going to love the most about teaching at CLHS is the variety and community. Teaching such a wide variety of medias within my subject is like a dream job. You can never get bored with something when it is ever changing and something you love! The second thing I will love most is the environment. Working in a school where we are able to share our faith is truly one of the greatest blessing. I cannot wait to get to know the students and staff here at CLHS.
What's your favorite story about your time at CLHS?
Since the year has yet to officially start I do not have a favorite story, yet. I am confident that it will not take long for me hear the laughter fill the room and make memories. I will soon have a library of memories and stories to look back on and share with those that I meet.