Back to 'Normal' but should it be?

The world around us is opening up and our lives are getting back to “normal,” whatever that may be. There are still questions about how things will look in the future, but we are seeing announcements of full-capacity college football stadiums this fall (which makes this Ohio State fan very happy), loosening of some travel restrictions (which makes this fan of traveling both in the U.S. and internationally very happy), loosening of mask requirements and so many more things that help us to feel like “normal” again. But will things ever really be “normal” again, and better question, should they?

Many people that I talked to over the last 18 months talked about how hard it was to be isolated from other people. So, now that things are “normal” again, how do we search out the lonely and isolated in our lives?

Some people told me that it was a blessing to be forced to slow down and spend time with family and friends. Do we now go back to being so busy with “normal” that we miss out on precious time with family and friends?

Many people suffered financial problems over the past 18 months. How, now, do we help our neighbors in need?

Tragically, hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their lives in this pandemic. So how do we minister to the families left behind?

While our lives may be getting back to “normal,” maybe they shouldn’t be.

Stephanie Marks,
Director of the IMC (Library)