Welcoming back sports fans ... with now online tickets

The Concordia Lutheran High School Athletic Department is looking forward to the 2021-2022 athletic season. We are planning on returning to normal attendance this fall at all of our home athletic events without any of the previous pandemic-related restrictions.

The Athletic Department is continuing its partnership with TicketSpicket, a digital ticketing company, to bring an easy and convenient digital platform to our athletic events. Your season passes or punch cards will be available on your smartphone through the TicketSpicket system instead of a separate paper card. All patrons should set up an account on TicketSpicket to begin the ticket purchasing process. When doing so, choose Concordia Lutheran High School as your team and then scroll down and add Concordia to your teams. You will then be ready to purchase either a game ticket or a season pass/punch card.

All athletic events will continue to operate on a cashless system. Paper money will not be accepted at events or in the pre-purchasing of tickets. Instead, tickets and passes may be purchased from any device (iPad, computer, smartphone, etc.) as your ticket into the event. It is most ideal if tickets are purchased prior to the event via pre-sale. However, we will have QR codes available at the gate for those who wish to purchase tickets at the venue using a mobile device and a credit/debit card. No paper money will be accepted at any venue. Tickets for each event will be on sale individually on the TicketSpicket site.

We are excited to announce that all students at Concordia will receive free admission to any home athletic event this fall. In order to gain admittance, any student wishing to attend an event must claim their ticket through TicketSpicket (it will be free!) and then show that ticket at the gate. To claim a ticket, you will need to sign up on TicketSpicket using your school email address (NOT a personal email address) and create a password. The student’s ticket will only gain admittance for the student themselves and is non-transferable. The student must have a ticket (again, it will be free!) on their mobile device at the gate.

All season passes and punch cards will also be purchased through TicketSpicket. Once a pass is purchased, the owner of the pass will claim his/her/their tickets on TicketSpicket (which will be free after the purchase of the pass) and present that digital ticket at the gate on their smartphone. There will be no hard copy passes accepted at the gate this year. The patron(s) with an already-purchased pass must still have a digital ticket to present at the gate.

Here is a summary of the process that will be used for purchasing tickets this year:

  • All Concordia students will receive free admission to all home athletic events by claiming a ticket for free on TicketSpicket. Each student should use their school email address (NOT a personal email address) when creating their account. You must have a digital ticket to enter the event.
  • All family/adult/student/punch passes must be purchased through TicketSpicket. This pass will be an online pass only. No paper copies will be issued. Once you’ve purchased your pass, you must claim a ticket for each event you want to attend and present that ticket at the gate. Those tickets will be free once you’ve purchased a pass. You will then present those digital tickets at the gate for the event you are attending.
  • Individual game tickets will be on sale before each event on TicketSpicket. Individual game tickets will also be on sale at the event itself via a QR code outside the gate with the use of a debit/credit card. No cash will be accepted. All tickets will be sold online through TicketSpicket.

To purchase a pass or punch card, please use the following link (active on August 4): https://spicket.events/concordia

This link will also serve as the link to purchase individual game tickets.

To see an online tutorial of how to order the tickets, please click here

We are looking forward to the 2021-2022 athletic season and know it will be a great one for Concordia! Thank you for your continued support!

Tim Mannigel,
Director of Athletics