Staying healthy this school year

Welcome back students!
I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are feeling recharged and ready to return to school! It was great to see all of your smiling faces during the Back-to-School Open House nights! 
As most of you know, we are experiencing an upswing in COVID cases, mainly from the new Delta strain. We have already had some positive cases within the school, prior to school starting, and we have taken all precautions with quarantining as our Back-to-School Plan states.
We are trying very hard to have a normal school year, but we all still need to be aware that COVID is still very prevalent, and we need to make sure everyone is safe.
I urge you all, even though masks are optional, try to keep away from larger groups, wash or sanitize hands frequently and keep a mask with you in case you feel you need to use it. Remember also that by masking, you are protecting yourself as well as protecting others.
Let's all make smart choices and have a great school year Cadets!
Corrie Oberlin, RN,
School Nurse