Faculty Spotlight: Mrs. Darcy Lugo

What's your title at CLHS?
Spanish Teacher
Are you a Concordia alum or parent?
I am a Concordia parent to Isabel, freshman.
When did you start at CLHS?
I started in January 2003.
Please describe your position at CLHS.
I have taught Spanish 1 through 4 at Concordia, but Spanish 1 is my favorite. It's fun to see them go from little to no language, and the growth over the years!
What was your education that led you to CLHS?
I went to IPFW and also the University of Puerto Rico (Mayaguez). About a semester before graduating, I decided to get the teaching certification, thinking that I'd never really want to use it, though. It was within my first 20 minutes of pre-service observation at Snider that I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I later came and spent 30 hours at Concordia observing Barb Petroff. Six or seven months later, I had a week left of my student teaching when I ran into Barb again, and she told me that there was an opening at CLHS starting second semester. I graduated in December and started here in January 2003!
What did you love most about teaching at CLHS?
I love working with the students and building relationships with them. While I try to keep a routine in my classroom, no day is ever really the same, based on their moods, schedules, dress down days, upcoming breaks, class inside jokes, etc. They keep things interesting and fun!
What's your favorite story about your time at CLHS?
Wow! There are so many, and looking back, the ones that stick out are the small things, like an inside joke from one class, one semester. Or doing a TikTok with kids. Or the Justo Lamas concert field trip back in 2007. There truly are a million little things.