A Very Active Start to the Year

In trying to choose which topic to focus on for this blog post, I ultimately couldn’t pick just one – there’s so much going on. And it’s all so exciting!

Rehearsals for the fall play and one acts are well underway with one setwork day complete and two to go. The walls of the house for And Then There Were None are up and furniture is set. Next weekend will see the construction of French doors and painting of the walls. For my one act, What They Say, massive bird wings are in the midst of being built from wooden dowels and yarn using a design made by heaps of problem solving.

The Our Creator’s Classroom (OCC) has been used by the AP Environmental Science students to identify native woodland species and by the Environmental Science students to identify different features of leaves and branches. The Gardening Club is hard at work transplanting a full pickup bed’s worth of perennials from a donor’s flowerbed to the rose garden. We will also be installing a Pollinator Garden at the Tecumseh Branch of the Allen County Public Library at the end of this month. Native prairie seedlings grown by last year’s members have been given to The Little River Wetland Project for their Monarch Festival coming on September 12, and this year’s members are looking forward to visiting Eagle Marsh for a seed collecting trip of their own.

Lesson plans are, as always, being updated to bring what I had learned by the end of last year into the beginning of this year. After last year’s adventure of going from 100% paper to 100% digital, I am refining when and how I use the various tools available in both types of media. Add to that a new class for me, Technical Theater, where I get to share what I’ve learned from working on sets as well as learn new things about areas of theater I’ve never explored.

It’s a good, busy time!

Laura Bohnke,
Science Teacher, Director of Our Creator's Classroom, Technical Director of Drama