Crown Him

“Crown Him with Many Crowns” is a hymn well known for its distinguished and majestic sound. As a trumpet player myself, it’s one of my personal favorite hymns to play and sing. Did you know it is Concordia Lutheran High School’s school hymn? It’s sung at every CLHS graduation ceremony!

This magnificent hymn is the basis of our Marching Band show this year, too. Each of the 5 verses in this hymn describe some of the many crowns that Jesus wore during his lifetime — literal and figurative crowns. Our marching show uses three of those crowns to tell the story of Christ’s life and purpose.

Crown of Life

The first movement is a representation of Jesus’ earthly life as a carpenter. It is a very simple, humble profession. This crown would have been made out of wood — nothing fancy, very practical and functional. Musically, we start with a very simple statement of the hymn melody, featuring senior Maya Schoeph on mellophone. For the visual representation of this, the color guard flags and our props will have greens, yellows, and browns, with some wood grains.

Crown of Love

The second movement tells us about the ultimate act of love — God sacrificing His only son. He did this by having Jesus wear the crown of thorns on the cross. Our music is much slower and more reflective, provoking deep emotion. Based on Eric Whitacre’s “October,” it features Brittany Buell on flute and some absolutely breathtaking moments from the ensemble. Visually, the flags and props will have lots of purples, reds, and blacks to represent the passion and pain Jesus went through. We end this movement quietly and in the formation of a cross.

Crown of Heaven

The final movement is an absolute celebration. Because Jesus wore the crown of thorns, gave up His life, then victoriously rose from the dead, we can now rejoice with Him in this win over Satan! We have Heaven to look forward to, and it will be amazing, beyond our comprehension. This piece starts with a strong brass fanfare, then develops into one final, grand statement of the hymn to close out the show. All the stops will be pulled out — our flags and props will be golden and sparkly, the color guard will be dancing, and the entire band will be praising God. 

We are beyond excited to return to a competitive season, and the band welcomes you to join us at one of our shows this year! It is going to be a fantastic show!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Jennifer Porath,
Director of Bands


2021 Shows:

September 11: Bluffton High School

September 25: Carroll High School

October 2: Homestead High School

October 9: ISSMA Open Class Invitational at Homestead High School

October 16: ISSMA Open Class Regionals at Lafayette Jefferson High School

October 23: Bands of America Super Regional at Lucas Oil Stadium

October 30: ISSMA Open Class Semi-State at Decatur Central High School (Lord-willing!)

November 6: ISSMA Open Class State at Lucas Oil Stadium (Lord-willing!)