Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Mark Koehlinger

What's your title at CLHS?
Physical Education Teacher and Strength Coach
Are you a Concordia alum or parent?
I am a 1977 alum and my 4 children are alums. Matt 2003, Joel 2006, Tim 2009 and Katie 2015
When did you start at CLHS?
I started coaching football at Concordia in 2001, and I began teaching in July 2007.
Please describe your position at CLHS.
I teach weight lifting, lifetime sports and advanced PE courses, and I coach weight lifting after school for all Concordia students.
What was your education that led you to CLHS?
I attended Holy Cross Lutheran School and Concordia High School, and I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Concordia Nebraska, majoring in Physical Education and Lutheran Theology.
What did you love most about teaching at CLHS?
I love interacting with students every single day. Being a part of students accomplishing goals and overcoming challenges is very rewarding. The biggest "kick" I get is watching students lift weights in amounts that they didn't think that they could when they started but earned it by working hard.
What's your favorite story about your time at CLHS?
If you would ask anyone who has lived in Fort Wayne most of their lives and has a fervent attention to local high school sports if Concordia Lutheran High School is going to have a winning record at the end of a football season, they would simply say, "I doubt it." Though the 2002 and 2007 Concordia football walked up to the state championship doorstep and various teams won sectional and regional championships the pinnacle was sought and firmly grasped in summer and fall of 2016. An eclectic group of Hall of Fame seniors lead their teammates to a robust 13-2 football season record and won the 3A state championship at Lucas Oil Field against Lawrenceburg in overwhelming fashion 56-14. I get choked up writing about it and will always remember that season and the faces that made that year memorable.