Change, the word itself invokes a lot of emotion … fear, anxiety, or excitement are just a few.

We often hear phrases like “You know Lutherans, they don’t like change,” “He’s old and set in his ways; he’s not going to like that,” or how about “She’s introverted; she won’t like that change.” The reality is change is difficult for most because we are being challenged to step out of our comfort zone. However, change often can bring about growth in one’s self, a family, or even an organization. We can find comfort in the words found in Romans 8:28, "And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose."

At Concordia, things certainly have changed. We have seen changes in the classroom, in our athletics, and on the stage because of COVID-19. We have even seen changes in the development and administration offices. Concordia was challenged by COVID-19 and with many prayers and faithful leadership from all areas of the building, we have weathered the storm. We have learned from one another and grown together.

As we were navigating the last year, we were presented with some additional challenges, some known and some not. Our Chief Development Officer, Rev. John Schoedel, made the decision to retire after 10 years of faithful service. A committee was formed, and the search for the right person to fill Rev. Schoedel’s position was underway. What we didn’t know was that God had a plan for Mr. Mychal Thom, Head of School, to be called and later accept a position at Concordia University – St. Paul.

Change … this is a whole lot of change in leadership for CLHS. When Mr. Thom shared with us that he had accepted the call to Concordia St. Paul, it was decided that the search for a replacement for Rev. Schoedel should be placed on hold and our efforts became focused on filling the Head of School role. The school board stepped up to the challenge and the process of finding a replacement for Mr. Thom began. The decision to extend a call to Mr. Jacob Pennekamp was made and with thanks and praise, he accepted. God provided the individual that Concordia was in search of to lead.

With Mr. Pennekamp’s leadership and other skills, we continue the search for the individual who can partner with him as Chief Advancement Officer (the new title for the position).

Change is still taking place at CLHS, but we know that with God’s guidance and in His time, the role of Chief Advancement Officer will be filled.

Wendy Bentz,
Director of Development Services