When you hear the word “connections,” what comes to mind? If I’m doing some electrical work at home, having the right connection ensures the electricity flows and the light comes on. If I’m making a phone call in a remote area, having a good connection is necessary to communicate effectively and avoid a dropped call.

What about connections in the classroom? Certainly, we, as teachers, want to help our students make connections with previous material or topics, building on prior knowledge and being able to apply ideas to different situations. Concordia Lutheran High School also exists to help make connections by fostering deep relationships among students, faculty, and staff.

So, it is very appropriate that our teachers’ conference, held here in Fort Wayne November 21-23, is titled “Connections.” (Students, this is the reason why you don’t have school during the week of Thanksgiving!) This gathering of teachers from Lutheran schools in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan, occurs under the umbrella of a larger organization, the Lutheran Education Association (LEA).

I look forward to the connections we will have at the conference through worshipping together and packing food into boxes that will be distributed to families in northeast Indiana. I’m looking forward to making some new connections with teachers from other schools as we engage in various conference sectionals. I’m also really looking forward to re-connecting with many college friends and former colleagues.

During this Thanksgiving season, I am especially thankful for our Concordia Lutheran High School and the connections that are created here. Because our Lord has first made a connection with us by creating and redeeming us, we have the opportunity to make connections with others in our world.

Eric Kaschinske,
Math Teacher & Department Chair