Making Art

As the year draws to an end, the Art room is a flurry of activity. Our AP students are feverishly finishing portfolios to send off to the College Board for judging. AP students spend the entire year answering an essential question of their choosing; the topic can be anything they would like, but they must investigate that topic through their artwork. Students connect the processes and materials they use in their artworks to the idea they are exploring.

Here is just a taste of what they have been churning out in the art room this year. 

But make no mistake, there is still time for mischief and fun. (see photos of their work here).

- Max Park, Junior. Max's essential question revolves around the realization that all music derives from nature in one way or another. Within the pieces, he wanted to focus on the question relating music to this nature, and how it can be used as a method of growth, experience, love, and overall fun.

- Taryn Doll, Senior. Taryn's sustained investigation explored how zodiac signs and personalities relate. People can be judged based on their zodiac sign, like Leo’s being aggressive and she wanted to explore this and if these assumptions are true.

- Elise Marshall, Senior. Elise explored identity through her sustained investigation, specifically her own identity and how it was formed. She looked back on events and important influences in her past to inspire her artwork as it inspired who she has become.

- Mahalet Lee, Senior. Mahalet’s sustained investigation explored anxiety and how it can manifest or present as anger. She generated ideas with the basis that anxiety can be the root of most emotions.

- Mackenzie Neumann, Senior. Mackenzie’s sustained investigation explored the individual steps of young love by reflecting on her own relationship and the milestones it has crossed. Throughout the body of work, she explored the simple first glance and progression through the major events in a relationship.

- Brendon Seifert, Senior. Brendon’s sustained investigation explored love languages and how love is expressed. He went much deeper than just how love is expressed, however, and also investigated how love it received.

- Wyatt Chesebrough, Senior. Through his sustained investigation, Wyatt looked at what personality/identity is and how it affects you. Not only did he delve into what makes and finding your identity, but what pains you can feel when exposing who you are to others.

When we aren’t working hard, we take breaks to have fun and destress. Dressing up Sir Skwivel is just one of the ways we find to have a good laugh in times of high anxiety.

Katie Underwood,
Art Teacher