Take a summer class at Concordia

As we near the end of another school year, we are once again preparing for another season of summer school. As we have in the past, we are continuing to offer a wide variety of summer school courses, both online and on-site that would count toward one’s high school credits.

Students either planning to attend or currently attending CLHS (grades 8-12), as well as students attending other local high schools, are welcome to register for our classes.

Though several courses are more geared toward recovery credits (students either failed the course during the school year, or are retaking the class in the hopes of improving their GPA), many of our online options are also for students looking to work ahead on their coursework to free up their busy schedules, making room for electives, extra-curriculars, study halls, etc. The online courses also give students flexibility in balancing their summer schedules (work, vacations, or family time) with completing the coursework. Online courses allow students to work at their own pace, provided they complete the coursework by the final date and complete weekly assignments by their due dates. They are not confined to working specific hours of the day, making it easy for students to work around their schedules.

The summer school schedule is split up into two separate sessions, each equivalent to a single semester class during the traditional school year. A student wanting to take or make up an entire year course would enroll in both session 1 and session 2. The courses we are planning to offer this summer (as long as minimum enrollments are met) include the online courses: U.S. Government, Economics, World History, U.S. History, English 9-12, Church History, and Health, as well as onsite classes: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Chemistry, Biology, and Physical Education (first session only). Our first session runs from June 13 to July 1. We take the week of July 4 off, and our second session picks up on July 11 and runs through July 29.

For students who are interested in registering for summer classes, please visit www.clhscadets.com/summer. Please also know you can reach out to me with further questions about individual classes at [email protected].  

Nancy Koehler,
Summer Classes Coordinator